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Sean Molles

It is disheartening to know we live in a world where the fictional portrayal of the food industry in “The Scarecrow” is not too far off. Obviously there are not mechanical crows ordering around scarecrows but, concerning the products we eat, it is not always what it seems. Chipotle's attempt at distancing themselves from the rest of the fast food industry, though admirable, was dishonest. When it is all said and done, Chipotle is major fast food company who's main goal is to be profitable. If this means they have to make a smear add designed to appear as an honest eye-opening message then so be it. It should be noted that Chipotle uses pounds on pounds of meat daily and did not show them doing so in their “Scarecrow” add. As nice as it would be for us to live in a world where we get out meat directly from a farm where everything is pure and fresh, it's not possible. With the world's population at what it is at and with the time needed for un-altered animals to mature, it would not be possible to feed everyone. There are ways to provide the families who are interested in having only the freshest, farm-grown food but, the reality of the matter is that we need genetically altered chickens and cows. The demand for meat will not decrease at anytime so we must do what is necessary. The living situations for these animals does not have to be as cruel as it is. These animals are contained in tight cages where they can hardly move and are treated inhumanly. This being said, we as people cannot expect fast food places to be hold to the standard of pure farm-fresh food. Chipotle attempting to come across as being different, is fine, until they lead people to believe false truths.

Sean Molles

ignore that comment

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