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Rejuvenated Eskimo

In my opinion the print media has only 10 years until it becomes obsolete.

Lisa Chaves

For me paperback is still the absolute and most reliable resource you can refer to. I still value reading books than having fun scrolling with tablet and not learning at all.

Damon Bradford

The argument of paper reading material being taken over or overruled by electronic sources has been a constant topic ever since the radio was invented. Years ago people said the paper book, newspapers, and even magazines would be replaced by modern technology. And the time has come when we are now closer than ever to that being the case. We see it happening all around us, new technology has brought us e-reading and various types of e-readers that can download and read everything from new books to old book, magazines, and the daily papers even periodicals from around the world. Even more so these e-readers are being placed on types of electronic devices from mp3 players, cell phones, and even portable tablet computers. But even though e-reading has become more readily accessible paperback and hard cover books have remained resilient and are keeping up in sales. And I could not agree more, even though almost everyone in California has a smartphone or some sort of smart device like the newest tablet computer that has e- reading capabilities paper books and printed text are still more popular even among the tech savvy youth crowds. For example, college students have the choice now thanks to technology, to choose between e-books and printed paperback books for classes. But the rate of students who buy paperback and hard cover books is staying the same. Also the same goes for adult readers, the article states that even adult readers prefer paperback and printed text over the latest e-reader software even after E-book sales, which grew exponentially after the launch of Amazon’s Kindle in late 2007. So after reading this article I can agree the paperback books and printed text will never cease to exist nor there ever be a more popular style of reading text.


1. Carr prefer the book to the e-reader. "We were probably mistaken to think of words on screens as substitutes for words on paper."

2. Because Carr know how in portend paper is to everyone.

3. He likes to agree and then disagree with the people who say paper is a thing of the past.

4. I prefer hard copies or books to e-books because the e-books you need to ether have a computer or an e- readers. Because it’s easier to reach for the book then to wait for a machine to power up and the book won’t cash if it runs out of power.

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