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Hello, It looks' to me that we are going to have a very interesting class.

Robert R Freshour

I believe Robots can't solve everything.

Shahnaz Mr Gupta

I totally agree with Robert's statement that robots cannot solve everything. Robots are another man made machines which operates based upon commands by humans.


This is an interesting topic to think about. While robots can help in the medical field quite a bit, I think they should not be caring for people on their own. I agree with the article on that. The author says, "In the short term, there is no question that while robots may provide some support to human workers and help minimize their exposure to unsafe conditions, they cannot replace their human counterparts.". In the future robots may be able to care for people fully, however I think people should continue to take care of people.

Jer'miah Cooper

. I personally agree with Guevarra, having artificial intelligence in the medical field is not terrible although it can present many complications. It is very hard to replace human connections with robots and expect it to be the best alternative. This is just another situation where jobs can be reduced and taken people who worked so to care for others. I again agree with the author there are too many situational events that can happen in the case of having robots in the medical field.


I totally agree that robots could us in the medical field and many other fields as well.
There are many things they could do that would help keep humans safe and possible
perform better than us humans. I do not think we should rely entirely on them to do
certain things. There are many problems that could present themselves without a
human being present to mediate.

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