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I had no idea it was this bad for women, especially women of color. I am a nurse and when my hours were cut in our clinic, I was able to get a job at our local nursing home. Not everyone has this opportunity. It is 2021 and we are still dealing with gender bias. I live in a rural town in Nebraska. So I have not seen how bad the gender bias actually is. It really is sickening that we are still dealing with this. Changes need to be made. I have a 40 hour plus a week job, I teach a night class one night a week and I clean our church weekly. Plus I have three children and a husband. We, as women, have A LOT on our plate.


reading this article on lost wages by woman was very heartbreaking on how by just being a woman we are being paid less for a job vs how much a man makes. making it noticed that the drop in unemployment in only the female gender has been staggering based on this article. this blog has opened my eyes on how this issue is stilling going on even in today's society in how much a woman is being paid then not getting the same equal pay as a man is getting. this really hit the most impact on woman when the covid-19 pandemic hit in going into 2020 to 2021, in march of 2020 trying to recover with lack of care giving by the fellow workers.

Tamiya Granville

Reading this article is really sad.The fact that women will not be geting paid there regular pay is upseting becuase women work really hard and they deserve there pay.But since the pandimic things have really changed.

Ariana Watkins

Reading this article opened my eyes to how inequality is really effecting women especially throughout the pandemic. They use the term "she-cession" to sum up how much this inequality has really set women and their families back, specifically women of color, hispanic, and asian women. With the pressures to keep up with child care, which is not adequately provided for in this country, and keep a job- many women are falling very short. The federal governments failure to act on these issues are only causing detrimental damage to these women's careers and the economy as a whole. We need big and bold changes to happen if we are ever going to bounce back from this recession, not to mention the systemic inequality we were dealing with to begin with. 

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