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Matthew Smith 11/8/19 5:27 PM

1. The NCAA new rule is allowing NCAA players to profit from marketing their own likeness. NCAA has never gotten this opportunity and there are plenty of mixed feels about it. California is threatened to get blocked out of NCAA. The new rule doesn't allow players from California to get paid. Martelle finds this ridiculous because he is saying that college teams are not evenly matched and NCAA says that this will create an unfair recruiting advantage and Martelle finds that ridiculous. Martelles argument is persuasive because he provides facts and a strong opinion with it.
2. Martelle uses his snarky attitude effectively. He provides facts with it. He is very passionate about the NCAA rule and how everyone should be evolved in it. He is persuasive with his facts and how he uses them effectively. With being persuasive he is persuading others about the topic. I feel like with him adding the attitude to the story it gives it more attention and it shows that he wants a change. It grasp your attention and makes you highly engaged about it.
3. I don't have a textbook to look at Chapter 2. But Martelle summarizes the passage well, he gives specific information and backs up the passage with his own argument. While arguing he stays on topic and keeps providing information that helps his case. Martelle says that California is at an disadvantage and NCAA is threating them. He gives his reason and opinion on why he disagrees.
4. I like the idea of players getting a little more extra money on there hard work and media. They have to pay for food and college and being a sports organization at a big time school isn't cheap at all and getting a little more money can help you out big time. I think it is but California needs to be careful on who they put their money into a before people and teams think they are over doing it. Yes, school is first and college is hard enough and when you are playing a sport your study and sleep time is cut down so when the NCAA is helping you out it gives you a little more hope. No, because other schools can get involved with the things they are doing. You can't change your location but you can get more involved.

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