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bradie holmes

when you think about exports you are probably thinking about how a tangible good. However, it can also be a service like college. colleges are losing money when international students do not come over from other countries. Catherine Rampell says that they are not coming to college in the us and going to other universities in other countries due to our government. the numbers are there that these universities in other countries as our decline.

Santos Garcia

I do think that the United States of America should take action to promote the international student enrollment in colleges and universities. Because it brings more money and success into the tables of colleges and universities. Especially the international student enrollment depends on the foreign students money so that the program can keep on going and bring more ideas into the program for the future. All because whoever the colleges and universities are partnered with when it comes to companies giving jobs. They need and depend on the schools students because without them. The companies will not be successful at all.


I feel like this drop of international students enrollment will have an effect on our country for years to come in the future and therefore America should ease up on visa allowance, especially to students. These students most of who come are here to work hard and earn their degrees so they can start working in the U.S. because most of them will make better wages here than in their home countries. This will help increase our workforce and will benefit us in many other ways.


I can understand both sides of this topic. For one, I can understand why people are so concerned with the dropping rates of international students coming over for schooling. What republicans need to understand, is that these students often may bring over unique attributes that US students may not offer. As the article mentions, they also bring a unique vibe to the college campus and cause US students to become more interested and diverse in other cultures. I can also understand why people are justifying these students not coming over because they may not need as many for the jobs here in the US.


Ultimately yes, the decline in foreign students coming to the United States for their Studies affects a large portion of those who are living here. From the demand of degrees we do not want that foreign students pursue, to the economic standpoint of higher tuition fees. In conclusion, there is a balance we need to create a level playing field for all students seeking a career.

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