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Heather Mitchell

I say...


I believe the U.S higher education system is very corrupt, and only centered around money and the idea of having money. Especially prestigious Universities, that cater to only the rich. In this country you almost have to go to college to be successful, and they make it super hard to accomplish.


I believe that it is wrong that top-tier colleges get as much funding as they do and lower level colleges are forced to use outdated material and the students are the one who pays the price. I also believe that is unfair that private colleges get more advantages than the public colleges do, it's too expensive for some people to afford to go to a good private college. Even as far back as the 1600's Christian colleges ruled the land and still cost an arm an a leg to get into. While the gap between public and private was always big it has gotten worse over the years where it yale is somewhere around 70k a year and Oxford is only 12k a year.

Dick McBiscuit

Boy lemme you tell you something, y'all dumbasses don't understand taxes and y'all just some commie fucks.

Mia Davidson

I believe the gap between tuition costs for private vs public universities is ridiculous and making money more important than peoples educations.

Belen Charnichart

The US has made it hard to get jobs with just bachelors and we have to continue our education for everyone has a bachelor. The US favors those colleges that gain recognition for being prestige and makes it very hard with them only being focused on money. The prestigious universities favors those who are worth sending one or those who can afford to be allowed into the school.

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