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I totally agree with this essay because houses and apartments are expensive now a days and alot of people cant afford to pay those type of monthly rents.
1. yes it is definitely a flow problem because there are so many homeless people due to drugs, no jobs, family violence , and etc.
2. when she says personal failure . when she states about the drug addiction and etc. i do find it to be persuasive because these are true statements
3.becuase she is stating that she want to be specific and provide facts. it affects the tone becuae she is trying to get her point across.
4. not having as many affordable communities or programs for the homeless. less places mpre homeless people. the homeless
5. i think the address the root problem to a certain extent. houston rehousing programs helps to a certain extent but if a person is a drug addict it doesnt address the root problem.




poop Goes where?????? This article is factually incorrect. Poop comes out of the anus and starts in the mouth with food. Then travels down the esophagus into the stomach which then goes into the intestine ready to spit out the backside. There are many harmful reasons why this article is incorrect.


I agree with what has been stated in the essay. Personal failure is one of the major reasons that are known for homelessness but many don't look at the causes for this which is the cost of housing. Due to the high priced housing many are not able to afford and this leads to homelessness. By ‘’flow it is meant that there are a number of causes leading to homelessness. It is caused by something which leads to homelessness. This is different than what is commonly assumed because there are a number of underlying factors and usually people don't start off the same. She answers these objections by mentioning personal failure and experiences affecting these outcomes. She also talks abut drug addiction and find them to be persuasive because these are major reasons that people become homeless.This statement lets the reader know that they are providing detailed facts. It is in a more serious tone and perceives the author in a more serious and professional matter. There are not enough awareness and programs. I think in my community, homelessness is addressed and people are moved into apartments foe needs but not as much as it should be.

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