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Noshad Azad

Artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be recognized by race, gender, color, or class, according to Joy Buolamwini's article. She disagrees with facial recognition software. In her speech, she supports colored people. The speech titled "Ain't I a Woman" explained how society discriminates against colored women.

Van Lai

Based on what I have watched and learned, I would agree with the issue that is happening with Artificial Intelligence (AI) when it comes to identifying and assigning someone’s gender. The danger of AI’s biases are that they are not designed to be inclusive or diverse. Joy Buolamwini, who is the speaker of the video, talks about the issues of how AI can perpetuate existing biases and discrimination, and that it has the potential to cause harm to individuals and communities when she says if the machines ever see her queens or grandmother as she views them. The video also talks about the experience with facial recognition software and the ways in which it failed to recognize her face due to the skin color and the gender. Buolamwini also elaborates how this is a widespread problem that affects many people of color, and especially women. The video also explains the importance of diversity in the development of AI. Buolamwini makes the case that diverse teams are better equipped to create inclusive and unbiased AI systems, and that this is essential if the world wants to create a better future that is fair and just for all. As AI does not show inclusivity yet, it is crucial to have a development of AI that has a diverse perspective in order to ensure that it includes everyone. It is important to develop future AIs that are not biased and that need to be more diverse around the community. The video reminds that AIs are not neutral and can discriminate against people of color and gender which can lead to biases and negative consequences for individuals and communities. People should step up for themselves by increasing diversity and also ensuring that AIs are developed in an inclusive and unbiased way that benefits everyone.

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