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Reading this article made me upset that the world is still afraid of gay people. This article was a great insight of a point of view of a family that was discriminated against. This affected older generations such as the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and even the early 2000’s. During those times it was extremely dangerous to be yourself as a gay person. Being a young black 18 year old lesbian woman, that in it’s self is a struggle. The gay rights movement will live on just as the hateful people spew it upon us; as we are now included in everyday advertisements. For example it can be seen commercials, billboards, and family products such diapers for your baby. There are decades of research of queerness and its people. Queer kinship defines it self as people coming together while being in a peaceful enviornment. Other than that, queer kinship was discovered in the early 1990’s. In my opinion, it was the study to see how LGBTQ+ people develop bonds with others outside of the heteronormative family. As it says in the article “Queer kinship first emerged in the early 1990s as a concept in anthropology to describe the ways that LGBTQ+ people develop bonds outside of the heteronormative family.’’ ( Bradway and Freeman, 2022) There is a lot I could say about this article; this is what I will say after reading it. It made me smarter as a person and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.


I honestly didn't find this article too surprising. Our society is evolving daily, and we're constantly redefining the norm. A “family” is typically or ``traditionally” characterized as a married mother and father, and a few kids. The mother takes care of the children, and the father goes to work. The “American dream”. Well now, more and more families are challenging that standard. Two people don't need to be married to have a child or start a family; they certainly don't need to be a man and a woman! Many families only have one parent or guardian. Nearly a quarter of children (18<) in America live in a single parent household. (Census.gov) Your parents don't have to be your blood relatives, or even be romantically involved. This article talked all about this and what they defined as "queer kinship." The article also talks about how America has and constantly tries to break up those "abnormal families'' and that they still do. They mention slavery, the Native American genocide, the recent family separation at the border, and even the current attack on the LGBTQ+ community and their right to adopt children. Because so many Americans don't fit into the conservatives idea of an ideal family, they not only face attacks from society, but they're having their rights violated and infringed upon.

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