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Leena Ratti

In her essay , “ In praise of dollar bill” Lana Swartz argues that an appropriate currency should be created that could give us the benefit of the bill as well as the technological cashless purchases. However along with that she forgets to state one significant aspect about the transactional chain of the cash. Since the founder is the keeper in case of cash, when it comes to paying taxes, the federal government cannot keep the track of the cash flow thereby giving opportunities to the people who only work in cash in order to save the federal and provincial taxes. So adding on to the category of people are the ones also who would not like to have the cash that serves both the purpose of cash as well as digital currency. As a result of such currency the tax frauds would not be then possible.

Mason Curtis

Lana Swartz argues that while current technological forms of payment aren't perfect, we should still develop some sort of currency that gives the benefit of both the bill and electronic currency. However, there are advantages to digital and cash currency that are not inherently there when both are combined. Digital currency allows for there to be an absolute record of all transactions which helps alleviate the possibility of tax fraud. However, those that choose to deal in cash, or pay employees for one time jobs, have the ability to charge a flat rate, and not pay taxes on one time services or jobs such as, hiring the neighbors kid to mow your lawn. While both systems have their benefits and flaws, moving towards a dual currency would most likely be of benefit to all.

Agustin Owens

a. The author is mostly disagreeing because he believes moving away from cash will lead to inequality and the people that use cash will be the lower class. We can clearly see this in the first sentence of the second paragraph.
B.The author does give the idea of people on the other side and why they think cash is a bad idea.
C. I think the author is very considerate and respectful of the other side's opinion. This is very important because being disrespectful would show that you don't have much to your argument

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