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Though I agree that political decisions have an impact on what happens with climate change, we also have to hold individuals accountable for what they choose to do to the environment. As said in other comments, we have to actually take action on fixing climate change for the better rather than just talking about it. The climate is changing every day regardless. Will you rise to action to change it?


While I do agree that taking action on climate change is absolutely imperative to the future of our society and that making decisions through political bodies seems to be the only way to create some kind of solution, I don't think it should be such a politicized topic as it is today. Caring for the environment and the planet that houses us should not be a topic of discussion, but rather a necessity. Why is there such a lengthy debate on taking care of our planet and environment? You take care of your home, why not the body that surrounds your home? Furthermore, I do agree with the previous comment that we should be holding each other accountable for our actions. Holding yourself accountable for the care of the earth is not enough and calling out others on their careless actions is neccesary, however, I do see that certain careless people would need laws in place to hold them accountable for their actions.


My interpretation of “doomism” would be the idea or belief that nothing else can be done to solve the problem of global warming. In this instance, it would be thinking that the environmental conditions and global warming of our planet is irreversible. However, we have made significant progress in reversing some of the damage done and the threat of “doomism” can stop any progress that we have made or are planning to make. I have to agree with Degroot’s viewpoint on how dangerous it is to give up. We have faced unprecedented events in the past couple of years and I feel this is something important for the public to know in regards to the seriousness of a potential collapse of our climate. In creation of technology to absorb carbon as well as other harmful pollutants, using alternative energy sources which are now more affordable and making small changes we can make a difference and help the future of our planet.


I agree we need to cut down our greenhouse gas emissions and try to slow the heating of the earth’s climate. We should do anything to save and preserve the planet we are so lucky to be on. The whole debate is between if the greenhouse gas levels are too high and we are on the path to extinction or if we can still save the planet, this is something I’ve seen and have had with people myself. If you tell people to not pollute the environment they will say it’s “bound to happen anyway” or the “earth is too far gone” and it just proves that people need to try harder. I really liked how the article didn’t choose a side in the debate. He used a more moderate stance and said we should try to curb our emissions and then even if the climate continues to rise it won’t be rising at such a high rate of extinction that way we can still adapt. I’ve never seen someone take that stance and I agree with it. Most people take very radical views on this global issue. It's either we're all going to die or we can save the earth but we all need electric cars and change our whole way of life. I also liked what Will said in the comment section, he is talking about how stopping climate change should not be a political issue or discussion and just a necessity for us all because we need to take care of the home of our homes and make sure people get to enjoy our planet for years to come.


Earth is getting hotter by the day. In a century, the level of heat will have ascended too unbearable. Current generations worry about what the foreseeable future will bring. Degroot mentions reasons why the climate is transmuting. The solution is to slow down the process of letting out aerosol pollutants which come from automobiles and factories. In fact, these particles also have a negative effect on human health. Slowly in my years of my life I have come across documentaries, books, articles and multiple platforms that have spread the message on climate change. Most individuals are guilty though. We all grew up with a system and after so many years, it's a challenge to disassemble. That primary indication is acting upon a change. As much as there are people with hope to surmount the rising heat, there are those who accept the fate of human beings' extinction, and nothing can be done to help. This is called “doomism”. I partially agree with doomists. The reason being is that natural causes can occur that humans can’t control such as the changes that happen in the air, ocean and volcanic eruptions that disturb the earth's outer sphere or inner core. Even if our bodies can adapt to environmental changes, to what extent? Natural occurrences are unpredictable. Even so we can still do our part by doing the best we can to balance the climate.


In this article, the author clearly defines the idea of “Doomism”, which is essentially humanity’s deathly and upcoming fate as a result of climate change, and therefore Earth’s deterioration. While several political extremists may agree and simply let “Doomism” creep onto society’s rearview, I believe that there is still a possibility to save the planet Earth, but if not then slow the time until “Doomism” occurs. The solution to this proposal would be cutting down carbon emissions, fossil fuels, and other hazardous gasses that essentially ruin Earth’s ozone layer. The sole reason that the ozone layer is depleting, ice caps are melting, and sea levels are rising, is because greenhouse gasses being omitted weaken the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. By reducing the amount of these gasses being released, I believe there may still be a chance to restore the planet to habitable levels. However, it is not only at the hands of mere communities that this change must occur, but action must be taken by larger corporations as well. Gas companies such as Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and Shell, are few of many companies that contribute to the accumulation of greenhouse gasses. With their help to reduce the amount of carbon being released, not only would the ozone layer be less affected by human action, but the chain effect of harmful gasses being released would be slowed down. This ripple effect of greenhouse gasses being released has the possibility of restoring coral reefs, saving forests which contribute to healthy oxygen consumption, prevent the rise of sea levels, and even help save the elimination of animal populations on the border of extinction. With a new political focus on restoring levels of climate change, it is necessary to act on these matters to preserve the human population, and all animal populations for that matter. This can be succeeded by limiting the amount of pollutants being released into the atmosphere, which can be performed if all humans make a collaborative effort to do so.


Like others, I agree that we need to control greenhouse gas emissions and do everything possible to stop climate change. From what I have learned, global warming can be caused by both natural factors and human factors. Among the human factors, greenhouse gas emissions are recognized as the main cause of global warming. From the relevant statistics, the global climate has increased by an average of 0.15 degrees Celsius per year in the expired 50 years. Thus, taking action on climate change is instant. The authors mention that we can solve the warming problem by reducing car emissions, factory emissions pollution, and other measures. And another reviewer also said that big companies like Chevron and Shell should take action, and I agree with this. However, I think that billionaires should also take action. According to research, in the 25 years from 1990 to 2015, the richest 1% of the world's population emitted 15% of greenhouse gases, while the poorer half of the world's population emitted only 7%. In addition, a BBC article noted that in 2021, the climate summit COP26 in Glasgow, UK, was attended by leaders and other delegates from around the world in private jets. I think, in the current critical situation of global warming, those rich people and politicians who talk a lot and call on the people to save energy and reduce emissions while they ride in private jets should be the first to set an example. If they can reduce their use of private jets, it will play a very important role in helping to slow the rise of the global climate. Of course, the rest of us should act as well. For example, we can drive and eat less meat. Only with the joint efforts of all of us can we effectively reduce climate warming.

Justin Wang

I agree that taking action is necessary in order to combat climate change. As mentioned in the article written by Dagomar Degroot, media outlets like to depict how people are powerless to make a change. This does not help our society and only prevents the ecosystem from recovering. Although expected by news stations, this fake news is taking a toll on the number of people actively trying to make a difference. This is why the ability to critically think and make your own conclusions is crucial. The ability to critical think prevents people from falling into “doomism”. Taking affirmative action and reducing carbon emissions can play a prominent role in solving climate change. An example of a critical thinker doing everything in his power to solve climate change by adjusting the world to run on clean energy would be the billionaire and CEO of Tesla Inc., Elon Musk. Musk has taken action against climate change with his innovation of Tesla vehicles, an all-electric category of cars that do not produce harmful emissions to the environment. In addition, Musk has a product called “solar roof”. This is essentially a solar panel that goes on top of a home that draws energy from the sun. This technology can save homeowners considerable amounts of money as electricity bills will start to dwindle. Revolutionary technology like this has the potential to rid the world of climate issues. All this goes to show that taking a stand can make a substantial difference in society. The potential collapse of our climate should not be underestimated in any way shape or form. I also believe that news outlets ought to start influencing the masses in order to help our climate. The more people that believe that they can make a change, the better shape our planet will be in the long run.

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