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john smith


Justin Scrempos

1.Lunar ice is so valuable for scientists because some want to analyze pristine samples to unlock clues to how and when Earth and the Moon accumulated water billions of years ago. Others want to mine the ice as fuel for rockets at future lunar bases. Researchers can learn how and when Earth and the Moon accumulated water billions of years ago by studying samples of lunar ice.

2.The benefits are to watch what human material is brought to contain contamination on the moon and gases from the rockets. The barriers to do this kind of mission are to keep from contaminating the moon with resources we generally use on space missions. I both agree and disagree because I'm not sure how I feel about both sides, doing this kind of mission would help the moon yet it could possibly be dangerous for the space travelers.

3.NASA, 19 scientists, including Prem and Deutsch, COSPAR, NASEM and, ESA. I feel like more input from other NASA scientists and also astronauts would help give more information and on how to go about the "orgins-first missions" for example to demonstrate her point.

4.This has happened by astronauts bring human materials to the moon, contaminating it with gases from their rockets or even from the drills they used on the moon. These maps convey that we have been slowly increasing the decline of the Earths resources and are slowly "killing" it. I feel that with how we have treated earth so far in our existence that we don't deserve a chance at the moon. The balancing act between conserving nature and providing for human needs on Earth should be applied to lunar exploration by doing what's best for the planets but in a safe manner for us. I feel that we should take caution into doing these missions on the moon, we can't stay somewhere, where we have already hurt it like we have Earth.

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