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Elijah Hamlin

The racial wealth gap is the difference of net worth between a typical white household versus a typical black household. Net worth is measured by subtracting their assets from their liabilities, and according to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s 2016 Survey of Consumer Finances, it is a factor of 10. Some of the factors that Maggiulli tired controlling are education and income. Trying to control those factors contributed little to no effect on the wealth gap between the two households. Maggiulli believes that if we try to control these factors won't remove the underlying factors that put the wealth gap at such a high difference.

Negative compounding is a certain disadvantage that puts someone down and will never be able to recover from because it keeps coming back. In a black household, negative compounding is related back to having a bad start at getting an upper hand in income and finances, creating this net worth gap. Maggiulli suggests that the playing field for these households needs to be evened out and the country needs to give a better foothold to those that are misfortunate. In my opinion, I agree. This wealth gap shouldn't exist and doing anything possible to get rid of it is worth it in the long run. As much as people don't want to hear it, but removing certain amounts of money from wealthier households and spread it around.

In a way, Magiulli using direct address makes the problem that he brings up everyone's problem. It's not just his problem, but instead, everyone's problem in this economic structure that has been built. The way he uses direct addressing, makes it seem like its personal. Magiulli wants you to feel as though you should be inspired for change in a society that needs it. Using direct addressing makes it harder to make a response formal.

The fact that Magiulli uses graphs proves that he's done his research and conducted experiments using the scenarios that he's mentioned. In the mentioned essay their evidence is drawn from reliable sources but without the use of visual representation, like Magiulli, it makes it harder to believe why these numbers may be real and verified by the selected source. Magiulli engages the reader using these graphs to make it not only an essay but also a visual experience while the essay listed just makes an informative point but losing the reader in the process.

brayden wernli

A racial wealth gap is difference in incomes such as a white household and a black house hold or a Mexican house hold . The Net worth is actually found by subtracting their stuff from their liabilities. Maggiulli had tried controlling some of these things such as the education the income, how ever this had little affect.

Negative compounding is a disadvantage that people won't be able to come back from because it won't stop.This happens due to having a bad start in life. Maggiulli says that things need to be evened out so people can get a better start in life. But in don't think that would work why on paper this sounds like a good idea taking more money from the wealthy and spreading it just won't work. The reason it won't work isn't that we couldn't put the police in place but that people won't let this happen. People won't give up enough of their income to change lives in the United States the wealthy already pay 26.9% of the tax money and if you keep eating at there income they will start hiding it or finding a way around it. at that point we would lose more money then we had to start. The only real affective way to help this situation is if we cut our military spending in half (this would leave us with 300 billion for it and still make us more powerful then the next 4 country put together.) With the 300billion we could rain eup the quality of living in places of less income. We could make better schools with better pay for the teachers try to start better working programs to try and help increase the average wage , we could renovate the section 8 apartments make things look nicer. We could also increase spending for school activities such as sports or clubs and try to help these kids grow up in a better place. When kids are active in sports and clubs they are way less likely to be involved in criminal activities and are more happy in general.

Magiulli try to make this seem personal but this is everyones problem, we all need to take care of each other even if we don't live in this. I feel like he's try to make you want the change trying to light the fire under our belly for a lack of a better word

Maiulli did use graphs and proved that he's looked into this and he has facts to back up what he's talking about which makes it easier to believe him and understand what he's saying.

Shamirah Armstrong

1. A racial wealth gap it defined as the difference in incomes and net worth between different races. For example, a White family, An African American family, and a Mexican family will have different incomes and net worth. A net worth can be measured by the dollar amount of your assets subtracted by your debts. The writer tried to control certain things like income and education. These things have no effect on a wealth gap between the families that I have mentioned. The writer had believed that if you controlled and removed certain factors that it would change the wealth gap, but it would not.

2.Negative compounding is defined as a disadvantage that is put on people to stop them from doing something. It is something that people can not recover from because no matter what happens it keep coming back and affecting the person. It will be different for each person and family. Also it could be related to a person or family getting a late or bad start at something that affects their income which is one reason why there is a wealth gap in the first place. The writer who is Magiulli suggested that things need to be evened out. This way the playing field can be even, and everyone is equal and have the same opportunities. In my opinion I agree with what Magiulli suggested. I agree because I feel that there should not be a wealth gap in the first place. That it is not fair to Black families and other families that are not that as fortunate and do not have the help that most white families have. I feel that the country should not be divided this way. There are many ways that the wealth gap can be prevented. The country could raise wages and returns for low income families. It could also lower taxes if that is possible or just find a way to help low income families in general that way it will not be a wealth cap and people would not feel divided.

3.Magiulli uses direct addressing to get people to see and understand that this is just not his problem but everyone’s problem. He wants his message to get across to everyone and to make it feel personal. He wants people to know that the wealth gap is not a good thing and how we all need to care and fight for one another. How we need to protect and do what’s right for everyone and not just ourselves.

4.Magiulli uses charts and other visuals shows how much he cares about what he is talking about. He is engaging the readers to keep interested in what he is trying to get across. This shows that he is not just speaking opinions that he has done his research and is speaking facts. Him using charts shows how valid his information is and makes it easier to believe that he is right.


1. The racial wealth gap is the net worth between different races all over the U.S. According to the article, researchers used “net worth data provided by the Survey of Consumer Finances” which is a chart that demonstrates the gap between racial wealth. The overall gap between black and white household is that white household has approximately ten times more wealth that black households. The factors that Maggiulli tries to account for this racial wealth gap is by controlling the level of education in each household. The certain factors for controlling this wealth gap is controlling the education level of a household. Controlling these factors affect the size by shrinking the racial wealth gap from a factor of 10 to a factor of three to four. Maggiulli argues that adjusting for these factors is defeat because even though the racial gap shrunk, it is still a major gap so Maggiulli says something else is going on.

2. Negative compounding is the money you should have earned while working but did not. This deals with the racial gap between whites and blacks because according to the text and the graphs blacks make less money than whites even though both work equally. Maggiulli suggest that “at the beginning of this piece, if we want to reduce social inequality, we must reduce economic inequality”, (paragraph 34). I think this is a good idea because reducing economic inequality will give the blacks a chance to have equal income. Another solution to this problem could be putting a limit on the certain amount of money each household makes.

3. I think Maggiulli uses direct address in his essay because in some way everyone is affected by racial wealth problem. Maggiulli uses “you” and “we” which indicates that he is talking about his readers and himself. He talks about different race, but mainly talks about white and blacks and their wealth gap. This affect the tone of the essay and my own response to his argument because it makes me feels like I am not alone and that there is other people around the world that is going through the say problem that my black house hold is going through.

4. I think Maggiulli makes this choice by using graphs because he is showing evidence to support his claim. I see Maggiulli is using moves from chapter 3 to help readers interpret the charts by using the charts that connects to the quotes that he is saying. He also uses “As you can see…” when referring to the chart which is an example of a template for introducing quotations. When reading the essay “The Start Racial Inequity of Personal Finances in America.” my reaction was that the author did not present any evidence for his claim which made me wonder if the author is claiming facts. However, when I read “Give Black Household More Economic Power,” I saw graphs which informed me that the author has done his research to back up his claim. Despite the differences between the articles, both articles mentioned that education within black and white households are a major factor in racial wealth gap.

Crystal N

1. A racial wealth gap it the difference within incomes and net worth between different people of different races. Researches define a net worth as the value of the assets a person owns, minus the liabilities they owe. Overall their is a large wealth gap between a white household and a black household. The gap is about ten times, with black households earning less than white households. Maggiulli says a major factor of this wealth gap is caused from education. While fixing this factor will lower the difference it will not completely eliminate it. Maggiulli believes this because the gap is such a high difference it would take years of fixing the education difference which would result in a lower wealth gap.

2.Negative compounding is referred to the opposite of compounding, it is the money you should have earned while working but did not. Negative compounding is disadvantage that is hard to recover because it is a constant occurrence. Maggiulli says a lot of this relates back to having a inadequate start in life, which goes back to the education people receive. The writer Maggiulli suggests evening out the playing field, this way everyone starts out equal. With everyone starting out equal each person would be able to work for the same opportunities. I agree with Maggiulli, but not completely because I feel that equity is just as important as equity. Equity makes the 'playing field' even giving the people who need extra help to reach the same opportunities will get it.

3. Maggiulli uses "you" and "we" in order to make his essay personal. Making an essay personal pulls at the sympathy strings of the readers. Another reason is when people see themselves included in the problem they feel more of the need to change it rather than reading "his" or "they" Maggiulli shows "we" are able to change this for ourselves and everyone.

4. I believe Maggiulli uses charts and graphs to easily show the racial wealth gap. Magiulli's use of these charts showed readers that he is not just talking about opinions rather he is showing the data from research centers and professionals.

Jah'Liyah Bedminster

The racial wealth gap is the difference in incomes between different races. This article focuses primarily on the gap between white and black households in America. This racial wealth gap is deeply rooted in systematic discrimination. In the article, the author shows how big the racial wealth gaps between these two races are by showing graphs, charts, and other visual representations. In 2016, based off of the median net worth by race, the gap between these two races were dramatically different. “…the typical white household has 10 times as much wealth ($171, 000) as the typical black household ($17, 000) in the U.S.,” Maggiulli expresses. Even when Maggiulli controls a household’s education level, the wealth gap still exists. The author argues that “…the median black household with a college degree has a net worth similar to the median white household without a high school diploma.” The author alleges that he sees negative compounding, which is a certain disadvantage that is put on people to stop them from doing something, at work. These disadvantages can be redlining or even just starting off in a bad place economically. One of the only possible solutions to reduce the racial wealth gap is to improve the initial conditions of those who are the worst off in society. We need equality of opportunity and a level playing field for all races in America.

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