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yahnease wilson

2. once one of my friends that is a female wanted to play football for our high school and i immediately said "I'm pretty sure they only allow boys to play" and i was wrong. boys and girls can play football but its mainly boys because playing football doesn't fit the image of being a girl. if i had the chance i would change my ignorant comment to being more supportive because there shouldn't be limitations on what we want to do or be because of our gender.Someone shouldn't get made fun of or bashed for doing something anyone can do but only boys do.

Mikayle Maullon

1. Woman that were defined to live in a "tighter worlds" means that woman live in a society with more requirements about their appearance and attitude to suit the position which she desires. On the other hand, men in a “loose world” have less requirements to be the perfect employee for a specific job. The major difference between male and female occupations is that females that make “misdeeds” were most likely to be removed from their position. On the other hand, males who make “misdeeds” are most likely to be forgiven. The difference of consequences between male and female occupations has been asserted by Gelfand and Choi as they mentioned “Female advisers, despite being equally productive as their male peers on the job, were found to be 20% more likely than male advisers to get fired for engaging in any transgressions.”(Gelfand & Choi). I personally think that the evidence is persuasive enough to prove that women are mostly likely to get easily fired due to their gender because some occupations that have stereotypes that men work better can easily disregard the opportunities for female workers. Dealerships are a great example as I can tell that women working in financing are looked down upon because last month a female working in financing was fired because she wasn’t too good enough for the company. The company truly didn’t care because they already have a replacement ready for her. Thus, the evidence is persuassive enough for me to believe that women are easily punished compared to men because I can relate the punishment to an event that happened in my occuption.


All of the facts is here all the proof and evidence we need to address the issue with women and minorities getting treated differently because of race and gender. I personally agree this is unfair we should treated as equal human beings. we should have the same advantages as long as the experience is there to back you up. it will continue to be this way until we come as one to address the issue. it takes consistency to achieve change within; less pay and unequal rights isn't fair but when will we do something about it? together.

RaeAnne Thomas

When I was in high school I received a punishment for something, and the other person involved received nothing. I came forward about the situation to hopefully lessen my punishment. The other person involved was a white male. After everything was said and done I faced a small punishment while he faced nothing. This was very demeaning. They were not able to prove that he was guilty even though I know for a fact he was involved. He would not admit to being responsible therefore nothing happened to him. It was very insulting. Men need to face the same punishment as women.

Nia James

Gelfand and Choi point out that women and minorities live in “tighter worlds,” while white men live in “looser worlds.” What do those terms mean? What are the larger effects of the disparity in consequences for “misdeeds”? What evidence do the authors provide to support their assertion? Is the evidence persuasive? Why or why not?

The term "tighter worlds" refers to stricter regulation. The term "looser worlds" refers to a more loose regulation. A misdeed is a wicked or illegal act. When women do something we get a worse punishment then men. Simply because men are "suppose" to act that way and women are suppose to be soft and delicate. For woman we've always had the short end of the stick. We've always had to fight for the things that should already be given to us. In high school I would always get in trouble for voicing my opinion. But if a male in my class did then they would be praised for it. Woman have never been equal to men. It will never end.

nasha Price

Gelfand and Choi point out that women and minorities live in “tighter worlds,” while white men live in “looser worlds.” What do those terms mean? What are the larger effects of the disparity in consequences for “misdeeds”? What evidence do the authors provide to support their assertion? Is the evidence persuasive? Why or why not

Tighter worlds refers to a more sheltered walking on eggshells lifestyle while looser worlds defines as more of freedom lifestyle having the ability to do what you want without a negative response. The larger effects are demotion or a stained name, the authors definitely provided support with the recent study they experimented this. Offering detailed examples and real time studies are hopefully eye-opener that this kind of discrimination should be stopped and if everyone would stand up maybe there will be a change.

Samantha Lowe

At times I can be very oblivious to gender inequality because of how I was raised; Everyone is to be treated equally no matter their race, gender or preference. I know a lot of the rights women and black individuals have were fought for and not something that was easily given to us. Reading “Tighter worlds”: Gelfand and Choi, you are forced to look at the issues in the work place head on. In their poll the facts were given to you straight forward, people of color and women were forced to live in "Tighter worlds" where as white men seemed to get away with and given a lot more freedoms. This post is truly an eye opener for me to many issues that still go on today even if I feel like they do not affect me personally. In a way, I feel like they do because I truly believe that everyone should be treated equally and given the same opportunities as the next person.

Angel Gonzalez

Gelfand and Choi point out that woman and minorities live in tighter worlds, while white men live in looser worlds. This is pointing out to a modern issue in today's society which is, gender discrimination. Women and minorities are faced with more obstacles in life than the average white male in America. One of these obstacles that affect women and minorities is the wage gap. The wage gap is a situation where statistics show women make less money than men. In the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data, in average, woman make 81 cents for every dollar that a white man makes. As a student I have personally seen discrimination towards genders, especially women. When I was younger I remember a group of students I was with did not allow a girl to play kickball with us because she was simply a girl. This is not something one is born with but society has taught us to be like this.

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