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I love how Carr quotes of how radio "would make war impossible. because it will make war ridiculous" or the telephone system would "join all the peoples of the earth in one brotherhood." Whenever a new technology comes out people think it will revolutionalize the world. To a large extent, it has. The world is a better place and has changed a great deal even in the last 50 years, but we cant think that by replacing our morals with machines they will increase. As Carr puts it "Technology is an amplifier. It magnifies our best traits, and it magnifies our worst." The coined phrase global village used to unite all of us together isn't so true after all.

I have social media accounts but I don't use them very much. I am generally closed off online and open up more in person after I get to know them and trust them. I am not one to air out my dirty laundry for everyone to see online. I have noticed however that people, in general, are more open to discussing there intimate personal lives online rather than in person. Generally, people are braver online and willing to say things they wouldn't say in person whether that be positive or negative and I myself have done that as well.

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