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Novak says he was wrong about supporting White Nationalists freedom of speech because they committed acts of violence and barbarity instead of peacefully protesting.He is right that violent protests should be condemned, However he tries to make the argument that all the white nationalists were heavily armed and planned to commit violence. This is not persuasive as may pictures from the event counter his chosen photograph. Another factor he fails to consider is that any protest without proper Security measures are very combustible and can easily turn violent despite the original intent much like Chancellorsville. In conclusion Novak does a poor job of representing both sides of the conflict because he puts a very biased (but popular) spin on the events.

Michael Concepcion

Last week, Novak admits his belief was wrong when he stated the alt-right should be allowed to have a rally and spread their ideology. Novak switches his position from last week when he saw the violent and abusive things the white supremacist did at the rally to non-violent protesters. Novak now believes the alt-right does not use verbal communication to spread their ideology. They only use intimidation, physical abuse, and harassment to fight for their beliefs. The evidence he uses is extremely persuasive highlighting how the alt-right physically abused non-violent, peaceful protesters during the rally. Novak now believes the alt-right intentions from the start was to incite violence and agitate the community as they applied for permission to hold the rally. Novak persuades the reader the alt-right should not be allowed to host rallies at all because their intentions are harmful to citizens.


Brendan Novak of The Cavalier Daily, had previously written an article that defended the rights of white supremacists to assemble and participate in free speech. It is only after the most recent riots in Charlottesville, that Novak is saying that he was wrong. It was his initial belief that they would be peaceful but he now says that they have "no interest in participating in open discourse". Though his change in opinion may seem abrupt, it may be an accurate depiction of the Charlottesville community's outlook on the current situation. The Cavalier Daily is able to offer a unique perspective in this way since they are located in Charlottesville, VA. Novak makes the events seem more personal by framing them as first person accounts. He uses phrases such as "we witnessed" and describes events from in the context of the student body. Even though many people were involved in these riots he specifically mentions that the 'alt-right' group was "physically assaulting students who were organizing peacefully". Overall, the author's take on the situation is incomparable to most others due to the fact of his locale. Being a part of the affected community adds not only relevance to his opinion, but also credibility.



A few weeks ago Novak start out by admitting that he was wrong about supporting whit nationalists. Novak switches his position from last week, when he tries to make argument that all the white nationalists were heavily armed and planned.Overall the authors says that all-right should not be allowed to host. because their intentions are harmful.


I think Novak has done some more research on the subject on the white nationalist we change our own options I a greed Novak

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