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Thank you very much. Please convey my thanks to the the writer.

Danika Carreon

He suggests to users that they should have slight skepticism because he even admits that Facebook is taking on new and heavy responsibilities. Not only does it solve some issues, it has also raised more complicated issues. The company also tends to make mistakes that attract criticism, such as deploying a safety check for a non-natural disaster. By doing so, it made it appear as if the company prioritized western disasters and ignored the middle east.
Noor gives that example first because he wants to open the topic with something the audience would understand. Opening this way would help the audience get a grasp of what the concept of a Facebook system is while introducing it in a light-hearted manner. He probably assumed that the audience would be knowledgeable on modern internet humor, such as memes, tweets, and photoshopped pictures. If Noor gave his speech to adults and not a younger crowd who is involved with social media, he would have been giving no background information and may confuse his audience. He does not give helpful background information because he would be saying a story that adults would most not likely understand the joke. Mentioning a fake massacre would be a pointless background.
Personally, I use the applications twitter and youtube more than Facebook. Although Facebook is quite useful for acquiring knowledge on current events, there are other platforms to discover world news. I feel that I would be just as knowledgeable about news as I am today if there was no Facebook. But if in a scenario where Facebook is the only platform I use, I would be clueless about the events that are happening in our world today. I feel that Facebook broadens my views on the world slightly. It provides me with videos or posts that can help give me different perspectives and opinions on certain topics.

Tiana Rutledge

Tausif Noor makes it clear by expressing the convenience of accurately staying up to date with social events. However, it is of great importance to understand that it's not always safe to assume that your personal information is always private. I believe that social media shouldn't change a person from still getting out and asking on what's going on as far as what events are taking place. Safety functions aren't always accurate. Facebook has caused me to become more cautious of what I post online due to so many horror stories. Social media can be an amazing thing but just one push of a button can change your life.

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