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i dont knwo


This article discuses peoples thoughts and opinions on body image. Some people have a difficult time with the thoughts of their body image because the media makes it hard to let people know that you don't have to look like a model to have a nice body image. The Buzzfeed article states "We're surrounded by the notion that men are supposed to be tough and have a look to match". How the media portrays body image seems to lower the self esteem of others. The media makes people feel self conscious just because they use good looking people to model their clothing instead of the average human being. If I could make a suggestion to popular brands and companies it would be that they need to use people who look more like the average person rather than a women with small, skinny legs and a flat stomach or a guy with a six pack as their models. If they used more average looking people then the society would feel more comfortable wearing their clothing and peoples perspectives of a "perfect body image" would change.


I feel like this article discusses how everyone is different in there own way. Everyone has a different body and shape to there body but people judge. Its not easy to put yourself out there but sometimes its the best thing for you. It goes into detail on how men should look tough be able to defend themselves.


This article, Me in my Calvin's, is about how each individual can portray a different scenario and scene for different topics. Everyone is different in their own way. Everyone. Some people embrace their body's a little more than others, and I do not think that they should be judged or misinterpreted because of something irrelevant, such as body image. This world that we live in today has this "perfect" body image. Unfortunately not everyone has the same idea or picture for the "perfect" body image. I believe that you should be confident and do whatever makes you happy. The images that I first saw of the group of men was different. They are posing like the need to be serious. They are just posing, they are not being themselves. Each individual that is in that picture has his own unique way of being himself, and the photographers are making them have an expression that they want. The guys are also not every size. It looks as if Calvin Klein chose men that are around the same size and did not think over the smaller or larger types of people. When selling a product they get men or women who are skinny and moderate, so people will buy their product. I personally think that if you have commercials, pictures, or even manikins that are overweight or underweight, people who be more respectful of others feelings, and they'd buy that product as well.

Bi suming

This article, is a discussion about body's image between underwear models of Calvin's, and ordinary men. Well,to compare is good, but also can hurt, especially comparing with a model when you don't have a good body shape as a model. Modeling is a model's job. They have to have a good look and sexy shape. The purpose is to use their good looks with underwear to stimulate the shopper's visual sense, and trying to show shoppers, how good you will look you if you wear this underwear. Just my opinion, the shoppers always like to add the models shape to their own body when they were shopping. Which I understand. People like to have a good body image, but if you don't have one, you shouldn't let it bother you. Everybody has their own body image, and we should always love our own. We can be sympathetic, but should not compare.


I think that Dan had the best attitude going in and coming out of the photo shoot. He knew that there was no way at all that he could like any of the models. He knew that he could only be him and that was fine. In the end he loved the way his photo came out. He didn't look like the model, but I think that is what he liked so much about. He was able to actually have fun and not worry about if his pose was just right.


This article compares the ordinary person with underwear models, how underwear models looks, affect the average person self esteem by putting women expectation on men to be very high. In my opinion this is an excuse men put up to not work out and get a good posture, The only way to boost self esteem is to work on something that's making you not confident and try to stop it, not to say it OK to have this thing in my life. That is just pure laziness. if there is anyone just complaining about way underwear models are attractive, its because they make the underwear look good instead of the average person which will make it look disgusting.

Ja'Lynn Crook

The purpose of this project is to show people that it is okay to be yourself and that everyone is differnt. It displays humanity in every way.The pull- quotes in each segment was very phenonmenal. You began to see that each model had began to see themselves from a different perspective, they had insecurities, but they began to enjoy it. Now, me personalyy would not want to participate in a project such as this because i am not as confident and i do think that i would look pretty good in a photshoot, especially with wearing just underwear. I believe that these particular ads are in a way both positive and negative. The positivity comes from sales and believe it or not i do think that many people do look up to these men in these magazines. Many people may take this as an opportunity and are willing to change themselves by living a healthier lifestyle. On the downside i would say that the negativity would come from the influence and the image that these magazines may give off to younger generations. I believe that many people take these ads in the wrong perspective and they think that others must look like this to be acceptance to the American society. That fills many generations with the misunderstood minds of natural humanity and that being yourself is indeed okay.

Markus Barnett

The article is showing that while these ads with the attractive models are appealing to most, it doesn't necessarily relate to the demographic. They seem to sell more of a fallacy or dream-like guy that is nearly unattainable. I personally do not have any issue with ads as i feel if you have the desire to look like one of those models it is in your own hands to take the initiative and begin to work towards that goal. Whining about someone being half naked on a billboard is not going to solve your insecurities. Go better yourself and make a change in your life. The goal of these ads is to sell. it is a company and they simply want a profit. Sex sells, it is a very common acceptance. If you don't enjoy the ads, don't purchase the product.


The different pull quotes are well chosen, simply because it contains what the re en-actor feels about the models and how the images portray to them. Each quote is almost heart felt, emotional so to speak. It makes people actually think and almost feel sorry. Kind of like an "Awe" type reaction. Some quotes help you agree with the re enactment models about how its almost like you don't even pay attention to the underwear, you look at their body and wonder how you they got so ripped. I wouldn't have chosen any other quotes, they were well picked quotes, and they all had some meaning to them. They weren't just random quotes that didn't make any sense.


This article is mainly focusing on how we are forcing people to strive for unrealistic and impossible goals in terms of body image. The goal of this article was to let people know it is okay to look different and that just because you are not some ripped hunk that you can still be beautiful. I personally believe that it is very silly that we have to remind people that you don't have to look perfect. Being comfortable in your own body is something we all have to do at some point in our lives. And yes, you should try to live a healthy and active life but that is not the sole purpose of living. Everyone should strive to be happy, and if that means you workout 5 days a week and eat a healthy diet then more power to you.

Oussiana Youssifou

I belive the purpose of this article is comparing models to non models, and trying to let everyone know that you do not have to be like the sexy models to be considered nice or cute.You can be wear the same underwear as them and still feel comfortable embracing the fact that they do not look like these models and they are happy about it, i think its a good article because it gets to help the people who are suffering with body issues or the one's who are obsessed with looking like the models in underwear that its okay to be you, you dont have to be like anyone else in order to be happy.


The main purpose of this article is to remind those with self-esteem issues, that no one is perfect and we all have something different and unique about us. The men in the articles all have body issues that they are working, or have worked to overcome. To do this, they chose to recreate Calvin Klein ads from the past, and in the process discovered that the body that they were born in isn't so bad. The project helped the men to see that just because they don't look like Justin Bieber or Mark Wahlberg, doesn't make them any less of a person. We all have to learn to love the body and skin that we're in, and work on bettering ourselves.


This article is an eye opener for those with the ideal body image! The idea that we must all look a certain way in our society to fit in is is overrated. We should not be judged on what we look like on the outside, but accepted for who we are as people. I think advertising for body image can cause insecurities for those who don't look like that, but can also motivate people to better themselves and set goals. Our society can be intimidating, but if everyone looked and acted the same we wouldn't have such a diverse world. High-profile models should be all types of sizes, ages, and cultures. This society has all types of people, which should be promoted more in advertisement the bring the society together so we all feel equal and don't have to live up to those standards.


In this article, Buzzfeed discusses Calven Klein's advertising techniques and wanted to bring awareness to the fact that their models do not represent the average person. Buzzfeed also wanted to bring awareness to the impact this advertising strategy has on self esteem. Although this article makes some good points, I feel that the points are rather obvious and could have been deduced in a much faster,less experimental manner. Of course Calvin Klein isn't going to use average looking males for their advertising models. Why would they? Calvin Klein, in their advertising, is subtly trying to suggest that wearing their underwear will somehow transform the average Joe into the "superior" male seen advertised. It was not Calvin Klein that said their models were the example of the perfect male specimen, it was society that decided that. Calvin Klein just went along with it. Society's idea of the perfect form is always evolving. All we have to do is look through history to see this. A plump form, up until relatively recently, was a sign of health, wealtlh, and was considered beautiful. There wasn't some diabolical underwear company perpetuating that belief, it was society that came to that belief. I think in the article Logan said it best, "You just have to learn to appreciate your own body."


This article is an article defending how men also have gender roles that people will always expect from them. This underwear commercial Puts these man that have the perfect body that every one wants and expects men to have, and they use these perfect bodies, which does not even sell underwear because seeing a guy with abs does not make me want to buy underwear, makes me want to go to the gym.What this does actually does is put more pressure on men, make us feel like we need to have these bodies when we really don't, but we don't know that, so we put work into something that isn't even valuable. If money doesn't buy happiness how can abs make you happy? And its things like these that secretly encourage men roles and makes things even more complicated and hard to be happy in your body. This types of things don't just go for men only, women deal with it.

Erica Zaragoza

I feel like this article is the best one that they did. I like how they used regulars guys and put them against the models. It makes you feel that there is more beauty in the world than there is in the modeling world.

Joseph Cauley

The Calvin Klein article discusses body image and what we are taught be. Every one's body is different and all body types should be represented in Calvin Klein ads as well s all ads.

Joseph Cauley

The article talks about body image and Calvin Klein underwear.Calvin Klein makes it look like that all men are the same size and all men are not the same size. Men come in all shapes and sizes. Everybody has differnt bodys and everyone comes in a different shape.

tamara barthel

The point of doing this recreation was to show that not everybody has the same body as the underwear models and that’s okay. Feeling insecure about one’s self is normal, well at least to me it is. I’m sure that the underwear models have insecurities of their own. Believe it or not beautiful famous people are more insecure about their bodies than we are. Underwear models have to keep a certain image and by the looks of them it’s probably hard to keep up on. For me, I know I’m very insecure about how I look. It is a struggle for me every day. It may seem shallow, that I worry so much about my appearance but the fact of the matter is that we are judged on appearance.

Amber King

The purpose for this article is to show that Calvin Klein doesn't necessarily portray the underwear for regular men. Buzzfeed wanted to recreate Calvin Klein's ads with normal people to show the difference between the models and real people. The editors probably left out what the guys said were good about the ads. The quotes that the editors did leave in discredit Calvin Klein for showing such muscular models and making guys feel like they need to look like the models in the ads. By keeping in the quotes from the men that say that they don't feel like a normal man because of what the ads portray as a human and what the men look like instead of like models.

Jordan Wohl

1) By recreating these iconic ads done by models and famous actors, they are showing that the things being sold, in this case underwear, are not only made for the elite, such as the models and actors shown. It is also showing that these men can wear the underwear and still feel confident. The comments selected are good, and aim at showing that the men have similar feelings towards the subject.
2) I thought that the pull quotes chosen were good things to take away from the article. I would not have changed the quotes chosen because they are coherent statements, and clearly show what the individual thought about the ads. The quotes are a good summary of the points made by the men.
3) I would be eager to participate in a project like this. By doing something like this, I feel as if I would walk away with a new found confidence, not because I would necessarily look like the models, but by realizing that no ordinary person looks like the models being portrayed in these ad campaigns.
4) The writers of this article could have used Eckert and McConnell-Ginet's views on how the social world affects children. Children are being raised seeing ideal and perfected bodies all in the media, and when they don't have identical bodies to the ones being portrayed, many times they become sad, or even self loathing. By creating this project, it shows all people that not having the ideal body is completely normal, and nothing to be sad about.
5) Personally, ads such as these have a negative affect on me. It is hard growing up in a world where ads are so easily available through television and the internet. I see these ads all the time, and I'm always reminded that I don't share the same characteristics as the people being shown. Instead of eliminating these ads, I would use models that are more realistic, and people who real citizens can look up to and admire.

Eden Luong

This article discusses the feelings of normal everyday men while they were posing in iconic poses in underwear. Their feelings and views on themselves reminds me of women and what the female species has to deal with whether posing for an underwear ad or being the the person who buys the magazines. Articles like these has a sort of empowering feeling to it, letting people know its okay to be yourself, you don't need look like these chiseled men and skinny and curvy women. That is what modern day is all about now, to be self empowered and okay with the way you look.

Kevin Reeder

This project ran by Buzzfeed was not necessarily to show that models have unfairly good bodies, but that men can still look at ads and be confident in themselves no matter what they look like. It is unfair to assume that Calvin Klein should higher other people. The models are supposed to be good looking to sell the product easier, and the models are doing anything wrong, rather, they are just doing their job.

Daniel kraus

Has no one ever thought that underwear images really aren't about the person in them? I mean it's not like the model is being sold the company is showing a product that it's trying to sell. The only reason the males or females in these ads are supposed to be attractive like they are is because they bring attention from a larger group of people. If a model is overweight not as many people would want to look at them because hey are not as appealing by human nature. On the other side companies use generally attractive models Sheryl because they appeal to a larger group of people and not a specific niche in society. The company is only interested in sales and they gain nothing from what others look like so the chances of there being a hidden agenda are slim to none, yet people still freak out over this "controversy" like it's all that companies want for their consumers.

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