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James Hynes (JD)

After reading Isis Anchalee's article I would say that there is definitely some sexism going on in the way people view engineers. Even though the Dice billboard featured a man in just his boxers her poster was considered more controversial just due to the fact that she is a pretty girl. One of the comments say that Anchalee is trying to appear a certain way because of her "sexy smirk" when that was not the intent at all. These comments and views by certain people are appalling to me. Hopefully if I have a daughter one day she will not be viewed a certain way just because she is a female.

Colin O'Bryan

I think people make today's "gender problem" a far bigger deal than it is. Obviously it is a problem but it could be very simply solved. this could be done with only one simple step followed by possible force. People need to develop a "Who cares" mentality. By this I mean people need to become far more desensitized, thus eliminating the spread of pointless hate, victim mongering by media outlets whose only purpose is to get people riled up about something that could otherwise not effect them. But sadly people can't always mind their own business and not give the media something to report on so that's where the force comes into play. I strongly believe violence is a fantastic educator. Now people will eventually adjust to not care about these gender issues and by extent not cause these gender issues but for those that cant change just remove them from society. Get rid of the problem, it's that simple.

Morris Cooper

From Anchalee's article, i think we all need to understand the negative and positive aspects of gender inequalities. looking at someone doesn't always tell you that person ability to do thing or who he or she is. sometimes, we take people more serious than they are and this is the place where we all need to take in to consideration. For me, I think everyone should be given the chance to prove their self but not to judged him/her from the first appearance or contact with you. we have different personality that either make us to look like we know or we don't know. Therefore, let us be very careful of ourselves and how we approach other people.

Joseph Hamilton

What Isis Anchalee is saying in her article is that when society refers to some jobs, they think that it exclusively belongs to one gender. For example(what the article said): when people think of engineers, the first thing they picture in their heads is a male; only a male, not a male and female. In my opinion, I don't think this is a big deal, because there's nothing wrong with people thinking that certain jobs belong to one gender; this is not anything wrong at all, if a females wants to be an engineer or a firefighter, then so be it. Just because people think this way doesn't mean it should hurt the way females feel, it should actually give them determination to show the males what they got and if one female ends up outdoing her male co-workers at a job others think exclusively belongs to males, then the males should just look at that female as just another challenge, no different from the others, and try to outdo that certain female in a form of healthy competition.

Laviece Ward

The issue of gender and appearance has always been important for both men and women. "Having it all" has also been an issue. However, women, it seems, tend to be very concerned about appearance when they are in high profile positions in the workforce. This conflation of beauty and success is a Gordian knot for most women. Which way to cut out of this impossible situation? In the essay, in the book, They Say/I Say, Anne-Marie Slaughter describes her distress when she realized that "women cannot have it all." She writes: "I'd been the one telling young women at my lectures that you can have it all and do it regardless of what field you are in. Which means I'd been part, albeit unwittingly, of making millions of women feel that they are to blame if they cannot manage to rise up the ladder as fast as men and also have a family and an active home life (and be thin and beautiful to boot" (Slaughter 679). Oh my goodness...Where had she been? You can bits and pieces, one at a time, but other bits of this triple crown, success, family and beauty, will absolutely fall away in the process of life. I certainly have a great career as a college professor, and had a small family (husband, son and his wife and grand daughter who is the light of my eyes. However, the sacrifices I have made my entire career have been soul searing, when I had to choose one piece, and let the other pieces go. The price I paid for even just a tiny bit of that Slaughter golden crown has been significant. However, if you are very careful, work unceasingly, get the top degree in your field and are willing to sacrifice all the days of your life, you will have some part of it "all" at various times in your life. BUT NEVER THE WHOLE CROWN! Except at Halloween! Do check out my home page, for pictures and my CV and other information about my work and life. https://sites.google.com/site/wardhomepage/
Laviece Ward


I agree that women need to be seen as HUMANS, a point that needs emphasizing since so many people still believe that women are inferior to men and can’t be smart if they’re physically attractive. Those unfamiliar with this school of thought may be interested to know that it basically boils down to sexism. Anchalee mentions that in her work office she’s been asked to be friends with benefits, and has had dollar bills thrown at her. This shows that men see women as items of pleasure and nothing more. The author, and women and girls around the world disagree with this type of behavior from men. Sexism and gender roles are something that need to be resolved immediately because it’s the 21st century!

Eireonna Little

Anchalee is saying that gender issues in tech should not exist because it is ridiculous. She emphasizes that she is “a passionate self-taught engineer, extreme introvert, science-nerd, anime-lover, college dropout, hip hop dancer, yoga teacher/hoop-dance teacher, really authentic friend and HUMAN(omg?!)”. In other words, Anchalee believes that she is only human and she is taking on her dreams of working as a full stack engineer at OneLogin. Her point is that women can do the same exact thing as men maybe even more. So why isn’t it okay for a women to be an engineer? She reminds us that “ we are all humans, and there are certain patterns of behavior that no one should have to tolerate while in a professional environment”. She also observes that she did not expect to receive the feedback that she did even being negative or positive because she was just trying to target other engineers to join her and her team. In which I agree. Just because she is a women engineer does not mean she should not live by who she truly is and what she loves to do.
Many people do not realize that women are just like men. If not, better. I guess people see her being a engineer as a problem because that job is a “man's job”. But, why shouldn’t she be able to take on the job, if she has the capabilities and the characteristics she needs to be an engineer. The problem with society is that people worry too much about the “socially accepted” way of viewing things. Which is not okay. I say this because everybody deserves an equal opportunity to do whatever they want in life.
As she invites reader to join her and support this cause, I am interested in pitching in. Why? Because I have actually been placed the same predicament as her. I used to work in a mailroom and I was the only woman. My titled remained as an intern, never a full time employee because I was a woman. The managers in the mailroom believed that a women should not be working as a “mailman/woman”. Therefore, I think it is great that women herself included is interested in doing something going against the “socially accepted” world. But who really cares? Who besides me and women who are having the same gender culture acceptance problem in the workplace has a stake in these claims? Ultimately, what is at stake here is women being turned down for jobs that both men and women can do, because people are too afraid that women can not do a man's job. Which is not true because it is already being done!

Eireonna Little

I agree with Donsk, just because women are women that does not mean that they are not capable of doing the same thing as men. Women can do anything in the world, and their job that they choose should not matter, as long as they are doing their job that is all that should matter.

Justin Gorton

In the article I Look Like An Engineer, the author claims that we are all humans, and everyone should be treated as such. It has become common today to dismiss this idea because women have the same opportunity as men in all categories of the job business. That being said unfortunately, some job opportunities tend to lean towards men because they have the most experience. Take the NBA for example, there are only about a handful of female referees. However, just because one career field is mainly male dominated, this does not mean that women cannot overcome this obstacle and become a female referee. As for the technology department, stereotypes are the biggest drawback that women have to overcome. As long as they work as equally as hard as men, there is no reason why women should not be able to prove themselves in the technology field.

Kaltum Suleman

in discussion of the Isis Anchalee issue is that in the article Anchalee argue that all of the people in society mention that some jobs belongs to one gender which is to a male.On the other hand She also mentions that gender issue should not exist in Tech and all people in this society should be treated equally .When people think of engineers, the first thing they think in their mind is a male; women are as strong as mans physically and mentally.In this society there shouldn't be argument between females and males .

my View is that i think that women should have the same rights as the male.Males should think that women are strong physically and mentally as males. But Gender inequality is still a major issue in our world. It not only causes society to teach men to think women as their sex toys or to think that womens are just their cheap entertainment, as well as making them think that it's okay to make jokes of them but not think that womens are not as strong as mans and they should have the same opportunity as the mans,but it also is a problem for men too.If a man is abused by a female relative, hardly anyone will take him seriously. This is because of gender inequality and society's view saying that men are abusers and women are victims.And that's why gender equality is still a massive issue.

I agree Doski and Eireonna because women are HUMANS and they are capable to do anything that a man can do. people who think that males are better than women and peoples who thinks that women should not have the same opportunity as males are wrong.Also Males should know that they all exist in this world is because of women.
And if all of the women was not strong and hard worker they should't have carry a baby for 9 month and raise a male baby. there should't be negativity about genders they are the male and female are elements of a single soul.

Anchalee argues in the article "Isis Anchalee on women in tech" that society mention that women can't handle some of the jobs. They think that all of the jobs it exclusively belongs to males. most athletes will tell you that femalses should not play sport with males But athletes are wrong. there are many ladies who are better than mans in sport.For example Abby Wambach one if the best soccer player in women history was better than most of the mans in this world physically and mentally.Indeed,it is highly likely that males are strong but not better than womens.

Dylan Schleigh

Born made a great argument in her article, she used a ton of examples and showed the reader what she was trying to say. Born argues about the inclusion of the title “Mom”, she is talking about every female that hits the news headlines that has children. She loves that the news is acknowledging women and giving them credit for their hard work. But she is inflamed with the fact that the news headlines always consist of “Mother of two” or “Mom does this.” She doesn’t think there is a reason the title should be included. Born herself is a mother, and she would not want to have that title in her headlines. Now, she is not saying that being a mother is wrong, or that she doesn’t want to hide her kids while she is getting the fame. What she is trying to say is that headlines take away from what is really happening here and just add it in to create a little more spice for the listeners or readers. She also tries to show her reader the other side of the spectrum. She asks the reader how many father figures do we know of and how many children do they have? She asks if we have ever seen a headline like “Father of 3” this, or “Father commits crime”. Headlines never pop up like that when it comes to Males, so why should it for Females?
I agree with Born here, woman should not have to have the title mother in their headlines to have done something amazing. Just like when we see Men get elected for president, or for anything of that matter. Having children is an amazing thing from what my parents tell me all the time. But no one needs to be recognized for it, anyone can be a parent, but only a few people can do great things that get them noticed and publicized.
I used to think that the term “mom” in the headlines wasn’t a big deal, or didn’t offend anyone. But recently, I have noticed more and more women want to be recognized for their accomplishment’s and not have it taken away because they are a mother. I know all mothers love their kids, and love to get recognized for it, but the way news headlines shove it down our throats is enough. All mothers should care about this topic, one day they might get discriminated due to the fact they are mother and have to deal with it once the news’s gets a hold of it. Mothers shouldn’t be told they can or cannot do anything because they have children, they are just as capable as any one.
In response too two of the blogger’s, Savannah C. and Elena N. I completely agree with you both! Women should be able to do whatever their hearts desire, being a mother of one or a mother of five. Women shouldn’t be categorized because they have kids while, it just isn’t fair.

Anthony Martinez

After reading Isis speak about how we are all humans and that we should all be treated as one. I agree with how women should be treated equally in the workplace although, you are going to get that everywhere you go. With that being said nowadays women can have just about the same job as every man, but its clear that mostly men are favored in higher positions. Not always but you will most likely have a man as a manager or a boss. Women shouldnt be stooped lower then men, but thats just how it is.

Carl S

Isis Anchlee “You May Have Seen My Face On BART”
Honestly, the article reflects males as a whole negatively. I believe what she is saying is true. Its far too common for women to be demoralized in such a fashion that they are feel to have been abused, of sorts. Her workplace experiences have been, sub-par on behalf of the opposing sex, and that is not right by my book. I believe women should be respected, but I am only one man, in a sea of many with the idea that the way she was treated is socially acceptable.


Isis Anchalee writes about the sex equality in todays culture, and how it is unfair. Also the fact that most jobs in todays culture are either primarily isolated to the man or women side. Anchalee also argues that the presumptions or stereo types are cruel. Anchalee is correct, stereo typing is almost hard to do in the 21st century. Women are going for male jobs and vise versa.


I did not think that people would actually take something like that ad and attempt to dissect it that much. I agree with Isis Anchalee when she says it has to do with her being a woman and not looking the part. I also think it reflects on how people today tend to over analyze things, to most people now days, everything has an ulterior motive. The comment about "it seems more like they're trying to appeal to men" was surprising. she wasn't wearing anything sexually enticing, her being a good looking female is all it took for someone to interpret it as a sex appeal ad.

Dan Cook

I have worked in I.T. many years and there is truth to the fact that it was once dominated by males. While it was inappropriate and unprofessional of the male counterparts to make unwelcomed advances and suggestions, this issue is not isolated to the tech field. Ms. Anchalee using her experience to bring awareness to this matter though is great and welcoming. As a father, I would not want my child, female or male, to have to endure this. The unwelcome attention however is due to our societies acceptance of ads and media sexualizing everything, even in the subtlest ways. As innocent as the ad is, the first thing a guy sees is the attractive young lady. For the Dice ad, they see humor because of the betrayal of a geek being sexy, because we all know geeks are not sexy. As a tech guy, I see the ad as a recruiting tool for young professionals, to be part of the hip culture in IT. The issue is that women and men to some degree are being portrayed as sexual beings, material, and not as a person. Until this changes in the mainstream media, the issue will remain. As for the workplace, hopefully as companies continue to be more diverse, this type of behavior will be cleansed and replaced with mutual respect and admiration for their talents, not looks in the workplace.

Abdikadir Moge

I completely agree with Isis that there is sexism and inequality in engineering and people's view that engineering job is for only males. Isis did an ad for her company and she received a lot of negative responses. People questioned her qualifications and how she should look like for an engineer. I believe that tech companies aren't diverse enough and certain groups of people aren't well received. I think everyone should have the right to work at any job they desire and it shouldn't matter whether its male dominated or women dominated.

Liliana Velasco

Anchalee is saying that many individuals are making a big deal out of gender issues in tech when there should not be one. Especially when the target is aimed at how women should look if they are engineers. Individuals are being very sexist on how they personally view female engineers to look. They determined that female engineers do not look like the ad that is displayed. For them, it is giving false information and it is a controversial issue. At the end of the day, it is just a simple advertisement that should not be controversial. Anchalee argues that it is not fair how women are viewed. Especially when she compares her simple, fully clothed ad to Dice’s almost naked man, who is only in boxers. I certainly am interested in pitching in because it is not right to gain up on a particular gender when there seems to be equal “controversial issues” for both. I believe that she agreed to participate in the campaign because she wants to make others aware of the issue going on and personally taking a stand for changing this mentality. Anchalee wants the public to realize how wrong this is. Personally, I believe that if people are making a big deal about Anchalee’s ad because of false information, what makes it different than the one about Dice’s nerd who is lean, in glasses, and only has boxers. Why is it that individuals are only focused on how females should look like, in the tech industry, when there are men who are dressed less conservative and displayed for the public to see. I would just view it as a humors advertisement and so should others. That is the point of the advertisement, not to be offensive but to have a good laugh once in a while. The comment that I would agree with would be Elie Challita’s because it is disappointing to know that there are people who take ads really seriously and perceive them in a negative way. This should not be the mentality.

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