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Nathan Johnson

1. Gerson talks about the problems with secondary education and how its becoming more expensive for the lower middle class and high school graduates are being deterred from getting a degree. However Gerson states that "the only thing more expensive that college, is not going to college." He is assertive because he is making his point that going to college is very important in your life but if somebody cant afford to take loans out and they just don't have enough money then they won't get a degree. I agree with Gerson because with the snowballing college tuitions it is hard for even the middle class to afford college without having to take out loans.

2. Gerson is arguing the facts that going to college earns you knowledge not necessarily the skills that are needed to be successful in the workplace. Therefore earning a college degree is becoming almost worthless in todays society. He makes his point when he says that businesses look for employees with skills rather than a piece of paper that says they went to college.

3. Gerson aims his remarks at the republican party because they are the ones who are in control of the Department of Education therefore they would be the ones who would make the decision on education. He is asking them to make is easier for students to get an education and have less college debt after they graduate. If the tuition rate goes down more students get degrees.

4. Hacker and Dreifus use examples to show how higher education is becoming too much of a challenge. The talk about the school being over staffed but don't do their jobs effectively. However Gerson doesn't talk about the colleges and only looks at the topic from a politicians point of view. When Hacker and Dreifus talk more about what the schools are doing and what they can do to make getting an education easier. They also explain how students no longer get the attention they need to learn and sitting in a classroom with hundreds of other students is not a healthy way to learn. The point they are trying to make is that college is not only more expensive now but over priced for the schooling that you receive in return.

Shavonne Boyle

1. Gerson talks about the ever increasing tuition rates and how college education is becoming more expensive for the lower middle class. He beleives that many high school graduates are actually not getting a degree because of the loans and debts they will be in if they do decide to go. I agree with Gerson because a student myself, I find the tuition to be extremely difficult to find means to pay without the degree allowing me to get the job that will provide me with the means to pay for it.
2. Gerson presents his case with the evidence that last fall was the lowest percentage of high school graduates entering college since 2006. He follows it by saying that it may be in part due to the economy, or in part due to increasing job aspects.
3. As the republican party has never been one to favor spending on education in general, it seems as though he is asking the republican party to think about the inflation that occurs due to the higher costs of an education. He wants them to consider the importance of degrees, and the importance of knowledgeable workers in this country.
4. Gerson discusses at this point how the price of schooling continues to increase, yet the quality of the schooling seems to be decreasing. less attention payed to individual students as well as the compliation factor of being just a number in these classes add to a distorted view on learning. Hacker and Deifus use examples to say that it seems higher education is becoming more of a challenge than anything and not really worth the hassle. Gerson seems to take more of a political standpoint while hacker and Dreifus use more of an example based method of persuasion.

Alex Capalbo

It is embarrassing to have huge college debts. Colleges should be ashamed of asking so much from people that are busting their humps to strive well in such a tough economy. A persons biggest investment they might ever make could be getting a degree. People spend years working to get a degree and once they get it they need to find a job that will compensate for the school debts they are drowning in. It is unacceptable for a college to burden someone with so much money.

John Jaeger

While it is true that colleges are burdening students such as myself and others with loads of debt, I could easily make an suggestion on how to squash that problem. I could say use the Pell grant only and don't touch the student loans unless you find it necessary to. Or i could simply agree with what Hacker and Dreifus say and make certain cuts to the financial outlays in public and private schools. There are many ways we can stop saddling students with debt, we just have to be smarter than the system.

tim vazquez

I agree with Mr. Gerson's argument that higher education needs reform. This becomes extremely clear when Gerson states that "Higher education is a failing market, in which most of the incentives are set toward higher tuitions and higher borrowing." What he means by stating this is that even though there is plenty of evidence that going to collge provides a a better future, it is questionable if its worth the price if every year the tuition rates go up which makes student borrowing even greater.

Jordan Lee

I totally agree with Gerson that, The indifference comment Gerson makes between the rising tuition costs in colleges to students not going to college at all is that. even though Students who go to college to be able to have a higher paying job but are forced to pay a large tuition, and Since most students can not afford the full tuition they take out loans and put their selves in to debt before they graduate, is just as bad as having the ability to going to college and not going.

Chaila Allen

When Gerson mentions in his article that the earnings of a typical high school graduate in 1979 has dropped from 77% then to 62% now, I thought about the urgency to go to college today. I also kept in mind that a middle class student may live in fear of what the future holds. I myself come from a middle class family and I'm stunned by the idea of being underemployed and in debt after working to receive a degree. An underemployed person in debt who is unable to pay off their student loans not only sets back that individual, but leaves the institution from which they graduated in debt as well. Higher Ed a huge investment that is much needed. However, it should be an investment worth making, not a huge risk to take.

Andrew Palm

Higher education needs to change price wise. The major universities are charging an arm and a leg for tuition. and just as Gerson says "For the middle class, an average year of tuition is roughly half of household income." and he even states in the article that tuition costs can be as much as a house. That is insane and just completely unnecessary from those universities. Tuition costs need to come down and be more affordable for everyone.

Greg Nelson

I highly agree with Mr. Gerson's argument that higher education needs modification. This becomes clear when Gerson quotes "Higher education is a failing market, in which most of the incentives are set toward higher tuition's and higher borrowing." What Mr.Gerson means about this quote is by letting students set high goals is actually more of a scam because schools/ the government wants us to be in debt and also wants to take as much money out of our pockets as they can when we’re young.

Aida Peterson

A college education is an expensive adventure both in time and money. However, pointing at just one political party seems a little narrow and bias. All the political parties should be looking to provide reforms and results not the negative dysfunction we are witnessing today. Seldom do I see even a 20% voter turnout which I think is a symptom of apathy caused by the lack of compromise, compassion and competence. The respectful dialog of the past has been replaced with a filibuster of "my way only" talk. Politics is now a choice for a college major. This produces a Politian with few real life skills and little understanding or empathy for those they supposedly represent. I agree that we need "...innovation, redesign and repair" and "...Republicans to be a source of solutions". This should apply to all Americans.
The cost is too high but what is it in 1967 dollars or 1980 dollars? Can I work my way through some form of college as many parents and grandparents have done? Financial aid is available for some at the lower end of the economic spectrum and the top end have the resources. Those with high grade point averages have earned scholarship funding. So it's those in the middle that are being squeezed. Again, I have to agree with Mr. Gerson up to a point when he says "find effective apprenticeships, occupational certificates and job training". Today, we are told to blindly go to college or miss out. But we have to make better, informed choices. College isn't right for everyone. I believe a parallel education track for trades and skills is needed. This type of schooling could start at the high school level and continue on to employment at an efficient, cost effective rate. Sure someone needs to design the electrical or plumbing system but someone else needs to build and maintain it. I would much rather my tax dollars go for education than incarceration.

Victoria Shirley

As many of you have stated before me. Tuition should be lowered but in some aspects maybe not lowered but directed towards more necessary things. A lot of our tuition money I question what is it really going to ? Not where "they" say its supposedly going but where it is actually truly going. So much of our tuition dollars in my opinion go towards sports and what is consider the "attention getters" not always what I would consider best for the rest of the student body.

Elaina Havens

1. When Gerson states the indifference to the issue hurts as much as the issue, he means that many high school students are straying from getting a college degree because of the cost of student loans, and the debts one can be in. I agree with what he is saying because tuition rates aren't realistic for a full-time to pay off easily. Even after graduating with a degree and getting a job, it can still be extremely challenging to pay off student loans.
2. Gerson states that only 66% of high school graduates attended college in 2006. This may be because college enlightens you with knowledge, not skills. When applying for a job, experience and skills are more important to employers than a degree.
3. He aims his comments towards the republican party because they are the ones in charge of education and have the power to change the system. He asks of them to create a more proficient way for students to go to school without leaving themselves in major debt.
4. Overall, Gerson, Hacker, and Dreifus are all working towards the same cause. Their opinions differ slightly, but I think they could agree on one thing, higher education needs reform. The main difference between the two was that Gerson focused his views towards the political end of it, and Hacker and Dreifus focused more on individual schools.


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Esthela Ramirez

1) Gerson talks about how college expenses are increasing and it is making it difficult for the middle class students to attend college because of the costs. What is helping them pay the semester is student loans, but eventually will lead to debt. He understands the further education is better, but if student's cannot pay back the money they borrowed or even afford to go, than they shouldn't attend college. I agree with Gerson because attending college now is more expensive than before. The tuition rates have gone up which makes it difficult for the student and their parents to pay for college while paying other bills.
2)He is arguing that when high school graduates attend college they are gaining more knowledge in the career they are wanting. Although it does help know more about your future career, college doesn't seem to help you with the skills that employers look for.
3)He is asking the republican party to decrease the cost of education a little so that more students can afford getting a further education and gain a diploma without going through a lot of loans and end up in debt.
4)In chapter 14 it basically covers how colleges are overstaffed with professors to teach their students what they need to know, but they seem to fail the task. Also how schools should focus on the bigger majors,instead of fields like philosophy, literature, etc. The authors point of view of education, is how to make it better and worth the price of attending, while Gerson's point of view is political.

Tyler Brown

1) I agree with Gerson that students should withhold from attending college if they cannot afford it because with the price of tuition nowadays, you can endure an insurmountable debt for your lifetime.
2) Gerson is arguing that college earns you an education but doesn't always guarantee that you will be able to find a quality job if a job at all.
3) The republican party has control over the Department of Education so he is reaching out to them asking for cheaper tuition costs so that all students have a fair opportunity at potential jobs.
4) The main problem with schools today is that classrooms are too large and students don't get the attention they need, in addition, tuition fees are too high and in some situations it seems that money isn't being spent in the right areas by the institutions.

Nolan Aherin

1. Gerson is stating that higher education prices need to be lowered to help all students. He implies that many students are paying way more than what their education is worth and that getting a loan and being in debt is only going to hurt you in the long run. I agree with Gerson because higher education tuition is insanely high and unaffordable for many therefore it should gradually be lowered.
2. Gerson uses numbers and percentages as his evidence to support his case. He begins to talk about the percent of people who are graduating high school, then goes into the percent of those graduates how many of them go on to college. Then he talks about how many students cannot afford the college tuition and have to take out a loan. To support his case he states how the number of quality jobs with only a high school diploma has declined substantially.
3. I would have to guess that Gerson is a Republican himself, therefore, he believes in this party to change things and have an impact on our country. He is asking the Republican Party to be a source of solutions and to reform higher education.
4. They talk about how higher education is over priced and the learning environment is not good. Gerson talks more from a political view rather than from a students view, but, I would say they both have the same ideas.

Zach Kaye

1. Gerson talks about the rising cost of college tuition and how it is harder for the lower middle class to attend due to the cost. I agree with him because without taking out outrageous student loans the lower middle class will not be able to get a higher education.
2. Gerson makes his case by using evidence that shows that the last fall was the lowest percent of high school graduates to attend college since 2006.
3. Gerson aims at the Republicans because they have the main decision to lower the price of tuition at the colleges. If they lower the cost more students can go to college.
4. I believe that they all have the same idea that higher education needs to be changed so that more students can attend college. Hacker and Dreifus talk about how schools should change and Gerson talks about the political aspect.

Patrick Kelly

1. When Gerson says "indifference hurts as much as the issue” he refers to the inability of the lower classes to afford higher education. He states that over the past few years the graduation rate for high school has increased, but after that, paying for college would leave students in large debt. I agree with his arguments because college tuition keeps rising and it becomes harder for students to get loans and try to pay them off while getting their education.
2. The evidence he presents from his article was "the share of high school graduates entering college last fall was the lowest since 2006." He said that some of the reasoning for this is because of improvement of jobs that do not require higher education.
3. Gerson seems to ask the Republicans for help because they are able to make change in regards to higher education. He wants the tuition rate to go down, therefore allowing more students to attend college and graduate with a degree. If tuition went down, students would not be forced to have extreme amounts of debt if they decided to go to school.
4. They would all agree that education needs some change. Gerson's point is made about lowering tuition from more of a political view because he tries to reach out to the republicans whereas Hacker and Dreifus talk more about the schooling itself. They are saying that the education the students are receiving may be a bit overpriced.


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Taylor Caldwell

Everyone knows how expensive tuition is at a college or university. Gerson is stating that anymore it is to expensive for a middle class student out of high school to go to college. But if you do not choose to go to college you are more than likely going to be stuck with a minimum wage job not making much. So you do not have many options here, we all want to make good money some day to be able to support our families, but the cost to do so is just outrageous. Now a days after you graduate high school to get a job you will most likely need some other diploma other than your high school diploma to get a job, even if the job is not asking to do that much. So today you do not have much of a choice it is most likely go to college and be in debt. I agree with Gerson, because even after you graduate from college and get your diploma you are going to be stuck with these loans that you are going to be paying on for years. That is why I believe they should come up with a better system. I know there are students out there who take the loans and then never show up back to class once they have all that money and they may not even needed to take it all it is just the option was there and it was just so easy to do so. There should also be some sort of grant for the middle class to help them because even if their parents are making a good bit of money does not always mean they have the money to spend and help out with college fees for the student.

Michael Cardarelli

1. In a recent discussion from Michael Gerson on the state of US higher education, the controversial issue has been whether or not higher education is worth the price. On the one hand, people need some sort of college degree to be able to start their lives and live comfortably. On the other hand, however, others argue that a college degree will only follow them with debt and worries on how to pay back what they worked so hard for. I agree that higher education opens the door for a comfortable, self-fulfilling future, a point that needs emphasizing since so many people believe that going to college is simply a waste of money. In the article, Gerson states that Republicans lack of opinion on whether or not higher education is worth the price is no better than the issue itself, and that they simply are not helping the situation because of it. I completely agree with Gerson's statement because we have seen no change because nobody is acting on their opinions. Especially Republicans. If anything there should be an offered solution to the problem, but with indifference that Gerson talks bout, there is simply no opinion coming from the side of the republicans.

Debra Warstler

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Kayla Wagner

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