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Carroll talks about how crowds go crazy when players make big hits and run other players over. Being that I play football I’m fully aware of the dangers of concussions. Especially since I’ve had one before myself. His argument was correct though, violence is the key to the game.

Carroll only shows he is credible by telling of his own experiences with the game of football, and having had a concussion of his own. This does not give him authority in the subject matter because there are thousands of football players that all have had concussions and they aren’t experts on the subject.

As far as the misogynistic beer ads, I totally disagree with him. He suggests that all the beer ads during games are disrespectful to women. I mean sure they do show women in little bikinis on the beach and things while drinking beer, but in those same ads are men shirtless drinking the same beer.

I believe the first step to fixing the problem of concussions should be started with the people who create the football equipment. If the equipment was better equipped to handle the big hits and things then players will be a lot safer. Maybe better shock absorbing helmets. Something to cushion the large blows a lot more .


Many people say that the gear needs to be better and that will solve the problem. While improved helmets and pads could help, it is far from the elimination of head injuries. In order to eliminate them completely, the sport must be changed, as Mr. Carroll said. Whether you are a fan of this or not (I am not), this is the only way to protect the players. This is, of course, impossible; so in the end, we are left only with improving the gear as a means of supporting the violent game that we all love so much.


Great article is there any chance I can take it and copy it onto my own blog

Esteban Hernandez

1. I would have to agree with Carroll that violence is a big part of football and we love to see that. The biggest evidence he said was when the crowd gets louder when somebody gets tackled hard and is able to hear the sound of the impact. I was persuaded by the article because I find it to be very true. We want to make the game safer, yet we still like to watch people get hit and see the violence.
2. He established his authority by talking about his past experience on having a concussion while playing football in high school. With his past experience that made him think about the NFL players and the side effects they get when they become older. Carroll is giving his own example of his concussion problem dealing with football. Since he is talking about a different topic that other people are used to, I feel as if this topic really meant something for him to write about.
3. I would think Carroll is right when it comes to the beer ads when the football game is on break. The beer ads mainly show men drinking and having a good time, but never do they show women joining in on the fun. I also notice if they do have women shown in the ads they are usually the one bringing the snacks to the guys in the living room. Which can represent women should stay in the kitchen and make food for the guys who are enjoying the game.
4. I do not believe that we will be able to really solve the problem with the concussions and head injuries in football. The players will always play tough and will use their force to hurt the other player, even if it has to be to the head. We will not be able to stop the competitiveness of the teams. Their main focus will not to become more careful on how they tackle a person. Their main focus will be to stop the player from advancing. The fans will also start to hate the NFL if they change the rules to where they are not allowed to tackle anymore. That can fix the solution, but many fans will be upset and the sport will no longer be popular if it does happen.

Josephine Gutierrez

Football has all ways been a dangerous sport full of contact and hard hits. The problem with football is the purpose intent to seriously injure another player. The NFL needs to do something to protect the players and bring more awareness to all ages who play tackle football. In America the characteristics of a man is tough, impassive, and competitive, these characteristics have a lot to do with the rough and suck it up mentality of the contact sport. James Carrol author of the article “Football concussions: The problem lies at the heart of the sport” writes how he wanted to go back in after being hit hard because going back in the game hurt is more honorable than catching the ball a couple times. This gladiator mentality of playing through the pain is dangerous in the case that he suffered a concussion and continued to play. Kids learn this honorable mentality through their coaches, which is where things need to change. Roger Goodell has spoken about the new heads up approach, coaches are to teach their young players to tackle heads up to lessen the chances of head injuries as opposed to the head first tackle that is more dangerous and intently to harm other players. Football fans cheer when their football team player makes a big tackle but too often another player leaves on a cart hurt and the mood has changed. Football is just like any other sport it is fun, competitive and the goal is to win that championship but the pressure of winning drives that mentality to do whatever needs to been done like the recent bounty by New Orleans coach paying players to injury the opponent player. There is too much money on the line in football and not only is it wrong to tell player to hurt others it is immorally wrong because a major hit is life threatening. NFL has to establish major penalties and rules to prevent this from happening again otherwise parents would not let their kids play football and serious head injuries would continue.

Omar Joya

James Carroll's article, "Football Concussions: The Problem Lies at the Heart of the Sport" is an enticing piece to me. I am a male that enjoys the football season opposed to baseball season. The title of the article caught my attention at a glance since I am an avid football fan. He goes on to explain the dangers that come to the uprising trends of concussions in American football.
This article is bittersweet to me, because I enjoy the roughness of a defensive back tackling a wide receiver of the intensity that a running back explodes with to cross the plane, I find it difficult to find out that one of my favorite players got a season-ending concussion during a game. Jahvid Best a young running back at the age of 22 had a promising career ahead of him in my favorite football team, the Detroit Lions. At the beginning of the 2011 season he suffered from a concussion that put him at a day-by-day recovery. The team suffered greatly from the loss of the running back and he was eventually placed on injured reserve and still has not played a single snap of football since. It frustrates me to think about how a young man's career that could have been stellar is paused by the evil of concussions. Most fans disagree with new suggested rules to reduce concussions, but once it happens to one of their favorite players they would understand.
The NFL commissioner and all of the NFL teams' owners initiated a new rule that does not allow running backs to make helmet-to-helmet contact while leading in. This rule has taken the NFL world by storm even though the season is months away. Fans, analysts and owners with opposing views have an opinion on the new rule. I think the rule is a step towards a safer NFL. Carroll explains the different rules that can be made to the NFL and I can agree with his argument. As a fan I would like to see players flourish and not get hurt by something so serious. Even if kickoff is a ritual that is cherished I believe that it can be factor in keeping the teams healthy and ultimately as human beings.

Omar Joya

1. Most viewers of American football happen to be males. Football is a violent sport that requires a "Warrior mentality" that is enjoyed by fans everywhere. It also forms as an entertainment to viewers that make for huge economic success. The masculinity that comes with watching two teams go head-to-head to get a touchdown becomes exciting. The fact that football fills in seats in huge stadiums buys my attention. The numbers are there, football's violence sells.
2. Yes, he talks knowledgeably about the sport and gives his valuable argument on how concussions are sweeping through our favorite football stars. He empathizes with the fact that there is some danger in playing football and it can start from an early age in Pop Warner football too. He has statistics in his article that back up his argument and makes it appealing to the reader.
3. The beer ads usually have football, half naked females. Those females are degraded to sell a product and football is added to sell. The target for these beer ads is towards males who like to drink beer and watch football games with friends. Sometimes females in beer ads are subject to being sought out to be a sex object. The beer companies grab the males' attention by making their ads misogynistic. I agree that they degrade women and lean in favor to the male perspective.
4. Players in America are subject to concussions that can impact there state of being. Some former football athletes had concussions at a young age and now suffer from cognitive disorders. James Carroll says that concussions are derived from the violence in football. I believe that high school coaches should be more aware of the dangers of concussions. There are kids that are playing in high school that are suffering from long term diseases from concussions. At the NFL level there are professionals that address to these kinds of issues especially the coaches. High School football coaches should be well trained in these types of matters since it can make a drastic change in a young person's life. Sometimes there are players in high school teams that urge the coach to let them in, but the NFL becomes more aware of the dangers more and more. If coaches stay on top of concussion symptoms students will be able to lead a healthier life and even healthier football career.

Parker Kincannon

1. Carrol uses his own personal example of sustaining a concussion when he was a child. He talked about how he felt pride going back in the game and playing through an injury. He then went on to tie this in with Rodger Goodell's (NFL Comissioner) statement that the "warrior mentality" needed to change with football. I agree with Carrol on the bases that football is a violent game but I don't believe the way its played needs to be changed.
2. Carrole uses his past expeirence when he played in high-shcool. He then uses examples of Rogger Goodell, football fans, and the social media that surounds the sport to show the violence implicated with the sport.
3. The Beer ads Carrol refers to one could argue are very mysognistic. Lets be honest we know those ads aren't trying to target women or children. It's guys who are the most avid viewers of football. This game is violent and dangerous, but that's what every one likes about it. It's one of the reasons I was drawn to it at such a young age. In other words it's not for everyone.
4. I believe there will always be a risk linked to playing football. I myself have had four sugerys do to the sport. All were very painful and ended up being season ending injuries. My last one occurred last October when I dislocated my shoulder and tore my labrum. It still hasn't stopped me from playing though. I believe there are really only two things that can be done to make the game safer. Continue to advance the technology put into helmets and protective equipment for players. Then you have got to teach players from a young age how to properly tackle and play the game from a fundamental stand point. But there will always be a risk in football, that's why we all love the game. If your aren't tuff enough to play then don't partake. I believe if majors changes like not allowing the ball carier to lower their helmet while running or taking kick-offs out of the game, would damage the integrity of the game. Football was not meant to be played soft.

Martin Lopez

In the article, by James Carroll, he expresses the dangers and serious injuries that football can bring to the brain. From a young age, boys are taught that playing football is a man’s sport and being tough is idolized. In Carroll’s essay it is described as “the pride” to play injured. Playing injured gives players a sense of robustness on the field that makes them feel macho. This view of being tough is the first thing that should be changed. The best way to prevent a serious injury is to change the way players are encouraged to play. If a player feels hurt there is no shame in sitting out the game, it seems more the smart thing to do. If this is not changed the end result can be catastrophic to the brain. NFL veterans have suffered major injuries to the brain, resulting in concussions, depression, and even suicide. This is evidence that football’s brutal tactics should be toned down to a safe level. Living the fame and getting the adrenaline rush for a hard hit is not worth dying for in the future. In addition, there are over one hundred-thousand high school football players getting injured with concussions a year. This proves that football injuries start at a young age and are happening at a very high rate. Furthermore, if these young football players keep playing and make it to the big leagues, some of them will suffer the same injuries as NFL veterans and can possibly die.
According to Carroll, the super bowl is a national identity and an economic force. In other words, football has become a culture in America, with its tentacles reaching from the NFL all the way down to pop warner. Changing the sport would be like changing American culture. The fans expect the hard hits, barbeques, and the funny super bowl beer adds every year. This means that an entire nation, America, would be highly disappointed if the game was changed. For these reasons, it is almost impossible to change the way the sport is played. That is why Goodell’s goal to change the brutality in the sport has not been addressed or toned down. In addition, the unlimited supply of children who look forward to playing football keeps this vicious cycle going. That is why parent need to get involved and make better choices for the future of their kids.

Bryan Ortega

In the article James Carroll describes the real reason why football can never be a safe sport. I agree with him. Football is a man sport. You cannot play football unless you are tough enough physically, and mentally. That is what makes the sport so great. Not everyone can play it. America loves all the hard hits and injuries that occur while watching a football game. They do not take into consideration how the injuries can affect the players in the long run. I have been playing football for five years now. I have had two concussions from football in those five years. I remember the feeling I had when I had to tell my coach that I could not play because I had a concussion. It just made me feel like I was not a man, that I could not handle playing the sport. I am sure that professional athletes feel the same way. Football would not be the football everyone loves without injures and concussions. If football were to become too safe then the people interested in football would decrease by a huge amount. Football can only change if the people who watch it were to change as well. If more people wanted to see less big hits and more safe playing then the sport would be able to make that change. Football will never be able to make that change because Americans love and enjoy the brutality and everything else that comes along with a football game. It is going to be very hard for parents to let their kids play football now. It will not be fair to the children that want to play football and their parent’s will not let them but in the end it will be for their own good. Football will and should always be a violent sport. The sport will never change because Americans will never change.

Xuan Do

I do not think we should compare high school football sport to professional football. For example, to a NFL players’, football is not a sport but rather a career, it is what they live to do. They get paid millions and millions of dollars each years based upon their performance. Like the rest of us, they will get fire if they do not live up to their expectations. Getting injure is part of their jobs. Sure, I might sound cold heart, but we must remember that they are adults capable of understanding the risk involve in the sport. Therefore, it is their responsibility to do what they want with their body. There is no one to blame for their injuries but themselves. If we were to look at high school football players, it is a completely different matter. Money is not their objectives, rather it is the sport, the interaction, the teamwork, and the acceptance by their peers is what they are after. Overall they are motivated because it is fun. If they decided to stop participating in the sport they are playing, their world would not crumble down. But if they get injure due to the actions and words of a neglected adults, their world as they know it will crumble. This explains why it is very important to know what is more important “a moment of fame or a life of regrets”. During this time, their safety is based on the parents, the coach, and the teachers. It is these peoples that are responsible for the well-being of these kids. The times, the costs, and the pain we go through when our kids get injures on the playground are excruciating. Some of these injuries can and will affects the rest of their life base on the choices that we choose.

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Sean Molles

Once a field of gladiators, football's aggression has been lessened due to the new rules surrounding illegal hits. The hit, as Carroll states, is the draw of the game. The hit was what the fans wish to see. Pain is the name of the game. Unfortunately, the way the nation has become scared of head injuries has caused the league (the NFL) to be forced in making certain illegal. When playing the game of football, you are understanding that pain and injury is a part of the game. True, nobody wishes ones life to be affected permanently, but taking out high hits to the head is taking out a part of the game we the fans and also players have come to love. The gridiron is meant to act as a battlefield and the players as warriors. Violence is almost needed to be successful and this will lead to concussions and other head injuries. Having played football for most of my life, this is a topic that has frustrated me for the past couple of years. Even as a Quarterback, it is annoying seeing the aggression taken out of the sport. Being blind sided as I scramble out of the pocket is just part of the game and, when hit “illegally”, I picked up the flag and handed it back to the ref. I understood it is part of the game, a game that must be loved to be played. This is football. With no pain, there is no game. Therefore, these new rules concerning illegal hits should be done away with and, if you truly fear long term brain damage, do not play the game. It is not a certainty but it is a possibility, as is the much more likely possibility of playing out a long, healthy career enjoying this beloved sport.


We cannot overlook the fact that this is a very serious issue as many kids are signing up to play football without realizing the consequences. I personally believe football should set an age limit.

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