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Yes i believe professional athletics make too much money. The NBA? There was a lockout because of the disagreement of money. If I got paid nearly as much as they do I'd shut my mouth. The thing is, and we see it with most people in different fields is that we keep wanting more. Once we get it, we want even more than that. How much does one person need, they may have a family but players of all sports are becoming gluttons. We are in an economical crisis- do teams need more money? We idolize those who are athletic. It is as much as our fault, as the players because we encourage them to continue on.
At the present moment, professional sport players get too much money. While they party in wealth others barely scrap out enough money to live.

Jocelynn Sullivan

Professional athletes get paid an exceptional amount of money. Professional athletes get paid an unnecessary amount of money. There are so many people fighting in this country and around the globe for jobs to support their family, to feed their families for the next week. Professional athletes make more money in one year than most people see in their entire lives'. Yes professional athletes are looked up to by millions. Teachers are what made them what they are. There are teachers that put in extra effort to get these students that excel at football, but not academically, to graduate to get into college where they are drafted from. There are fire fighters and police officers risking their lives. Playing a sport these people more than likely love is nothing compared to the people who fight and help people every day to make the world a better place.Athletes do not deserve even half of that money.


I agree; professional athletes make a lot of money, but so do movie stars. Some actors get paid just as much as professional athletes. It was argued that athletes do nothing but entertain the general public, but so do actors and tv shows. Entertainment has been part of American society since its beginning. Proffessional athletes can only perform when they are young. When they get older, their bodies don't work as well and they have to retire. Their careers are reletively shorts lived, and they need their money to last them their wholes lives. Some people say athletes don't deserve the amount of money they get because they don't do anything but play a sport, which is not true. Professional athletes spend almost every day training and practicing. Pro-sports leagues, such as the NFL and NBA, play sports on major holidays (Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve). They put in just as many hours of practice, as people spend at work everyday. Team workouts and practices last all day, from morning to night. With all the effort put in, only talented athletes can make it to the pro's. What is the difference between a talented lawyer getting paid a large sum of money, and a talented athlete being paid a large sum of money? Each has spent years and years practicing the skills they need. Each has suffered for what they love. Professional athletes deserve every dollar they earn, and if they don't, the team they play for will just cut them. They work hard, since they were kids playing in youth leagues, and deserve our respect for the years they have spend killing themselves to make it to the pro's.

Andy Smith

I think that economically important jobs and social value jobs compliment each other. When you have a job that has social value, it tends to be economically important as well. When Bhagat says that “Most people” agree with him, I do not think it is an effective rhetorical strategy. I do not think that it is effective just because he has no information backing this up. To me it sounds like he is just assuming people agree with him because he has valid points but it means nothing when he says most people agree with him. A teacher does only have influence in a single classroom in the short run, but in the long run that teacher will also affect the whole world just like a star athlete. The only difference is that the teacher is affecting the world through the students he/she teaches and the star athlete is affecting the world personally. I wouldn’t make any changes to our society and how we pay different jobs. If teachers, firefighters, and the president were the highest paid in the country, everyone would do those jobs for the money instead of actually wanting to do the job. The way we have it right now I would agree we pay athletes too much money but if we had to pay any job too much money, I would say it would be best to keep it with the athletes because average people cant go into this career just for the money.

Taylor Hutchens

1. I believe that economic importance and social value go hand in hand in this situation. For instance, if the job has social value, the job will have economic importance also or vice versa. I agree with teaching having the most economic importance in society and I believe it has the most social value as well. But, Americans enjoy entertainment and because of that sports will have more value and economic importance than teaching. If teaching had such economic importance and social value everyone would want to be one.
2. I don't believe that Bhagat ended his essay in an efficient way. The reason I believe this is because he has no evidence to back it up. If he went out and surveyed people across the state or nation then yes, it would be a great way to end his essay. His way of doing this would be like me stating that everybody on campus likes Mountain Dew, but without actually asking anybody. You would also need a non-bias result, therefore you would need to ask a variety of people varying in age and sex.
3. Teachers have great influence on their students. Everyone has or had a teacher they remember that has impacted their lives at some point. Athletes are set up as role models and they are seen nationally. The teachers effect the students in the classroom and they are set to help them in the long run. So therefore the student will affect the world through what the teacher had taught them. This is done while an athlete effects the world by what he or she does on or off the field. If a player gets caught doing illegal things, society thinks down among this person and it puts the wrong impression into children's heads.
4. I wouldn't make any changes in our society with pay. Athletes put tremendous amount of time and energy into what they do. They work all around the clock working on getting better and stronger. This grind of hard work usually starts once they hit middle school. There are a numerous amount of athletes who try and make it to the big leagues but thousands if not millions are turned away. If teaching was such a high paying job, everyone would want to do it. The way teaching is now is good for the economy, because teachers are teaching because they want to, not because of their pay.

Phred Meraz

It seems to me that economic value and social value nearly always positively correlate in the case of occupations. Anything with economic value will have social value because our society relies on the economy. While it’s tough to define social value since that is more a more subjective analysis, it is more possible for occupations with high social value occupation to have low economic value than vice versa. Mihir Bhagat’s argument all comes down to how valuable our extracurricular activities and interests outside of what we do to contribute to our society are to us. For example, yoga instructors might be expendable as far as our economy goes, but one yoga instructor might mean a lot for several who work hard contributing to society therefore the yoga instructor has a high social value. This is impossible to quantify because it is subjective and varies from person to person and that is why it is impossible to reconcile these criteria.

Bhagat’s claim that most agree with him is a strong closer. To me it reinforced his argument that athlete’s large salaries is a social and economic problem versus just a man frustrated with how much an athlete is paid. I feel that readers of the article would often have the doubt in their mind that maybe these contracts are worth it to our society as a whole as payment for entertainment. Bhagat’s claim that most agree with him shut down that doubt. I would have done the same.

Influence is subjective and therefore difficult to measure. In Bhagat’s teacher example what we can be pretty sure of is that the teacher will influence less people but to a greater degree while the star athlete will influence many more people at varying, very likely with less influence than the teacher, amounts. As noted earlier that influence is hard to quantify, that combined with the athlete’s lesser influence probably goes under the radar, makes it impossible to compare the two. In order to know we would have to follow every person who was taught by that teacher or influenced by that star athlete and be able to know what they would be like if they weren’t influenced by the teacher or athlete. After that, we would have to compare the different lives.

As long as we are a capitalist society we will have to pay the athletes whatever salary that is demanded. It is supply and demand; the demand is high because the supply is low. The supply is low because these athletes are rare, put their bodies on the line, and dedicate their lives to be in their position. I would be afraid that in a society where the most economically valuable positions would be paid the highest, people would only be president, a policeman, or a construction worker for the pay. Perhaps this would be a good thing though because it would entice the brightest and hardest working to take up society’s important positions and make the their respective college programs more rigorous and prestigious. I personally wouldn’t change anything because I think there would be unforeseen consequences. Also I personally believe that in our society the money will naturally flow to where it should.

In order to decide the most important positions in society I think we should go back a few millenniums and analyze what society’s basic needs are. Primarily you need ways to feed the society. People who work in food service and distribution would become highly prestigious and well paid. You also need leaders to make decisions for a society of our scale. Government officials and leaders would undergo a more rigorous process and tests of character and be paid much more. Again considering the size of our society, doctors and policemen are essential to maintaining a society’s health. Without policemen there is no law. Without doctors epidemics would be worse and many more would die.


1. I feel that jobs can have an economical benefit without having a social benefit as well. Look at teachers for instance. They give tremendous economic value to students that they teach. The knowledge a student receives helps them in the long run. They will have a better chance to get a job, which in the end earns them a salary. On the other side of things I believe that jobs can have a societal benefit without having a huge economic benefit. Professional athletes give great societal benefits. They give everyone entertainment to watch at any time of the day. But they don’t help out the economy as much as a teacher would. Professional athletes get paid far too much. Their societal benefit does not out weigh their salaries. This entire article is about how professional athletes get paid too much money. How other jobs that are more economically beneficial don’t get paid as much. I feel that it should be determined by economical benefits not societal status.

2. I feel that his rhetorical strategy paid off. When you read the entire article it makes you think about the importance of the economic value compared to societal value. I feel that when reading his last sentence you don’t want to disagree with what he is saying because you don’t want to be the one person who doesn’t agree. I don’t think there was a better way to end this article especially on this topic. I agree with his statement that most people think that athletes are far over paid. The jobs that hold more economic value for everyone now and in the future aren’t being paid as much as the professional athletes. Since most people agree with his statement it makes people reading it even more frustrated with how society looks at one job compared to the other.

3. In today’s society people look up to star athletes. They enjoy watching them perform on television and wish they could be just like them. People admire what professional athletes can do and what they have to show for it. I love watching professional athletes perform at the highest level. The influence of an athlete is far greater than the influence a teacher has on a classroom. I feel that our society has it all wrong when it comes to influential jobs. If you look at it in the long run a teacher gives you the tools to succeed later on in life. You obtain those tools so you can get a job right out of college. Our society looks at athletes as something greater than anyone else. They are put on a higher level then anyone else. What you learn from a teacher is greater than what you learn from any athlete. Its fun to watch athletes perform but I feel that we all benefit more from what a teacher can help us accomplish.

4. I would make many changes in our society when it comes to who gets paid what amount of money. I would first start out with what jobs I feel would be the most beneficial to us in the long run. I would figure out what jobs give you the most knowledge to succeed in life. Without the skills to obtain a job in the future you will have trouble living a healthy economical life. The jobs on the top of my list would anyone who can educate and make you benefit from that knowledge in the future. I would then increase the salaries of anyone in the medical field because they give everyone a societal advantage. There value in society is high up on everyone’s priority list. Even though these jobs help benefit people in the long run they still have to perform up to the highest standards. No one can get away with not performing to the highest standards put on the jobs that get paid the most amount of money. In conclusion I then would cut the salaries of any job that doesn’t give as much economic benefit as the rest, such as professional athletes. Everyone watches what he or she does, but their benefit to society isn’t as close to the benefit of jobs in the educational and medical field.

Samantha Momah

1. There are jobs that are socially valuable that are not economically important; they are police, teachers, doctors, and the military. Farmers are jobs that are economically important but have no social value. The president however, has both social value and is economically important to society.
2. Ending with most people agree was an affective rhetorical strategy, it persuade readers to agree with his position. I would add statics showing that most people agree.
3. Athletes are more influential than teachers. Athletes are praised for their hard work and success. They motivate people to be fit, and work hard to achieve their dreams. Athletes have a lot of influence because they are seen everywhere. Athletes are exposed through media such as; television, magazines, and billboards. Media keeps athletes in the public eye, which makes them, very influential over teachers. Teachers are influential because they have been around people from elementary to the highest level of education people receive. Teachers install discipline. In addition, teachers push people to reach their full potential and bring forth a positive attitude. But, teachers have a smaller audience than athletes and that is why athletes are more influential.
4. Politicians, the defense system, and medics are the highest paid careers in a society I envision where the social value is the most important feature of an economy. Politicians would make the highest income because they are there to improve or restore the economy. They create or propose laws for the general interest of the public. Secondly, defense protects the cities, states, and country from natural disasters, and invasion. Also, defense maintains order, which is why they have the second highest income. Finally, medics discover medical treatments to fight all types of diseases through medical research. They invent drugs to cure, heal and revive mankind

Anthony N

I Agree with the author and believe that athletes are overpaid. Making millions of dollars a year playing a sport is ridiculous. Most people can only dream of making that much money for doing something that you love for a living. That being said, Americans pay a lot of money to watch these athletes whether it be on TV or having floor seats at the game. This money has to go somewhere. A majority of it goes to owners and the rest goes to the athletes. I believe that a good amount of that money can go to better use like supporting local economy or even helping our nation’s deficit. I do believe that they are providing a service and are a source of entertainment and, most of the time; they work hard to perform their best. But they are doing something they love so a pay cut should not do much harm. Especially if they know that the pay cut is going to a better cause. Besides, often times the athletes are irresponsible with their money and there have been many instances where they become broke. Some athletes spend their money on drugs and partying. What kind of influence is that on our youth who look up to them? The author brings up a good point how people who have more valuable jobs to our society are paid much less. School teachers sometimes live paycheck to paycheck and what the government pays to grunts in the military is almost nothing. The wealth needs to be spread around a little more. I believe that part of this issue has to deal with society itself. People will pay hundreds of dollars to go to a championship basketball game yet they are hesitant to donate to firefighters. Everyone is to blame for this issue.

Kelly Moreno

I absolutely agree with this article. I believe that professional athletes are paid outrageous salaries for the sports they are playing. I agree with the bloggers above, these athletes are being paid for playing a game that they love, and the amount of money should not stop them from doing that, but the athletes should be doing their job because they love it. A million dollars should be sufficient enough for playing a sport, but when athletes are in contracts for salaries that are tens of millions of dollars, it is absolutely ridiculous that these athletes would even negotiate for even more money than that. It would be nice that if the athletes were taxed a bit more to help out the community and country in some way, but then again, that seems to go for the other wealthy people who are not athletes, which is a whole other topic by itself.
I do disagree with the article when it says that a job should be paid by the value to society and economic purpose. As pointed out above, some jobs could have value to society, but have no economic purpose, or vice versa. It would be difficult to gauge every single job based off of those criteria and how the pay scale would adjust accordingly. Though it is a great thought to figure out a fair way to pay people, it might not be the most practical way. I do believe that jobs like being a teacher, a firefighter, or a police officer deserve more money they are paid because they do make a difference in people's lives, some can argue that young kids are looking up to these professional athletes and affects how the child will act more so than a teacher would. Even though the athletes are paid too much, but people will pay hundreds of dollars to meet their favorite athlete or to even watch them play. It is difficult to say how much is enough considering that many athletes have million dollar endorsements from a variety of companies on top of their already absurd salary.

Chad Smith

In the article, “Supersized Paychecks for Superstars: Bleacher Report Looks at Athletes' Pay,” Mihir Bhagat is arguing the athletes get paid way too much. I completely disagree with everything in this article. Athletes get paid appropriately for what they do. The star player of a basketball player gets paid millions of dollars because it is appropriate. Bhagat completely disregards the fact that salaries are appropriate to the revenue. If the athlete did not make that much money, then where do you think the money would go. The answer is to the owners and the league. In this article, he is basically saying that the people responsible for all the jersey and ticket sales should not be paid but the owners should just become even wealthier than they already are. Social value and economic importance are what he says is needed for the job compensation. By this standard, I say that athletes are of both. One of the only things I have to look forward to is sports. It brings families together, it also starts heated debate, and it helps other business such as television and marketing. Companies must pay millions of dollars to have a commercial during the super bowl. The reason for this is because millions of people are watching these athletes perform. Advertisements during the boost the company sales and so athletes are of economic importance. When Bhagat says, “most people agree with [him]”, it is very true. But, these people do not really think about where the money would go if not to the athletes. Teachers surely do influence many students, but it is on a much smaller scale than athletes influence people. There are way too many teachers that can teach for them to be paid on the scale of influence. Athletes on the other hand are few and no one else can do what they do. Bhagat would like to see changes in the scales of values, I would not. The only thing I would change in this economic system is how corporate executives that already make so much money can still receive tax breaks. The top three jobs in scale of what I would have people be paid is Doctor, for saving people’s lives. Next, would be Athletes for changing lives and giving hope to people in poverty. Lastly, would be corporate America because they know what people want and are true to capitalism. This article is the view of many people but I do not see eye to eye with this view.


1. After struggling for a long period of time trying to think of a job that serves only economic importance or social value alone, I’ve come to the conclusion that all jobs have both economic importance and social value. Every job has economic importance including athletes because they bring in money which is taxed and used for such things as schools, roads, hospitals, public assistance, etc. They also help businesses such as vendors at a game or endorsing brands or products. At the same time, their main purpose is to give the people something to look forward to ; something to enjoy in their free time. Another example of a job that would seemingly serve the purpose of only economics is someone like a bank teller, but a bank could not operate efficiently without someone to run it. A bank teller makes many people’s lives easier through their services therefore they should be considered socially valuable. As you can see, all jobs make everyone’s lives better in one way or another and help the economy, therefore all jobs have social value in my opinion.

2. I do not feel that saying “most people agree” is an effective statement. I realize that a statement like that is meant to persuade undecided readers into following what the author thinks, and maybe to boost the confidence of those who already agree so they have no hesitations, but it might do the opposite for those who don’t agree. The author comes off as a little bit arrogant. The reason why is because he had no data or credential to back it up. He is possibly making a false claim, which could further cause someone to view the who paper as illegitimate. It would have been much better had he just left that sentence out.

3. I disagree that a teacher only has influence in a single classroom in comparison of the millions that a sports star has influence over, because a teacher doesn’t only influence a classroom; when even one person in a classroom is influenced, it causes a chain reaction and becomes much larger than it would seem on the face. For example, a teacher can give the tools necessary to inspire a student to do great things inside and beyond the classroom for many other people, such as a doctor who helps thousands of patients throughout their career, or a scientist who make discoveries that can change the lives of millions. Also teachers can be an influence over many subcultures including athletes, as opposed to athletes being an influence over only sports fans. The main thing to consider in comparing the two is what kind of influence does one make, and how far can that influence go? In my opinion, a teacher’s influence would go much further than an athlete’s.

4. The highest paying jobs today, other than entrepreneurs, are in the entertainment industry. However, I believe that jobs in the medical, emergency, and educational fields should be higher paid jobs. First of all, doctors endure such rigorous studies for so many years at such a high cost that it takes them many years into their career to pay off debt from their schooling. Because their knowledge and practice is so valuable to everybody in society and it took such dedication to become a doctor, they should be paid the highest salaries. Next runner up would be firefighters and EMTs (paramedics) because when there is any dangerous or life-threatening emergencies, these professionals are the first to the scene and work under significant amounts of stress to save the lives of complete strangers often at the risk of their own lives. For the safety of society these men and women often work long hard hours and are always on-call for duty; this calls for a convincing amount of dedication in their everyday lives. Last but not least, I’d have to say that, of course, teachers deserve much more than the bottom of the barrel. A good teacher shapes a child’s attitude and lays a foundation for a structured and stable life in their future. Knowledge is power and a teacher’s job is to give just that to children who will ultimately grow up and become an active and responsible member of society. Although all of these professions are extremely meritorious, the reason for the pay they receive is based on society’s priorities. In American culture, it appears as though fun is more important than health and well-being unfortunately.

Jung Suh

1. Setting the price of certain good, such as salary, comes from the quantity in demand and supplied. Even though there are numerous variables to be considered other than just demand and supply, the basis of it does come from basic model of supply and demand. So, economically speaking, superstar athletes are getting paid mostly the right amount of money for how much they are demanded. Unless the cost of paying these athletes goes over the price the sports fans are willing to pay, such as tickets, advertisement spots on media, and partial commission from product endorsements, these athletes will get the paychecks with a lot of money since they are being demanded. If enough people passionately do not want to see the ‘supersized paychecks’ for the athletes, they can demand sports league or their legislative branch to set price ceiling for athletes’ paychecks. So far the general public might disagree with athletes’ high income, yet they do not seem so eager to cut down professional sportsmen’s income.
2. The author’s rhetoric ending and the general mood from word choices of essay reminds me of a communication technique that appeals to reader’s emotions, pathos. I think it worked brilliant well in effort to appeal the author’s message; however, on the other hand, it failed in method to deliver the message logically. Ending the essay by saying “most agree with me,” could have worked as subconscious message to many readers. I can see a lot of people “agree[ing] with” the author not in conscious thought process right away but in subconscious mind. Cognitive dissonance theory in many psychology studies have found out that message embedded to one’s mind subconsciously overrides logical thought process. But it failed to persuade critical readers with logical thought process. Critical readers might ask, ‘Who did you[the author] ask?’ ‘Most who agree with you?’ ‘Most agreeing with you doesn’t necessarily conclude that your way is right.’ If the author did more by providing more detail such as, what group of people in terms of age, gender, and occupation, the author’s ending would have concluded with better logical persuasion process.
3. An absolute comparison on influence of teacher versus superstar athlete is not possible in quality but also in quantity. The quality measure differs by each individual. People are not all the same as we can see people debate and oppose over national health care and same sex marriage. The fact that author thinks teaching is more economically important than professional sports does not mean that everyone views it the same way. Even the people who agree evaluate the quality comparison differently depending on each individual’s value. Quantitative comparison becomes different as what variables are considered in comparison. If a teacher has a classroom with 25 students, whether to put the fact that those 25 students can influence their friends with the academic or moral lesson outside the classroom draws different numbers of how many young children have been influenced. And whether to evaluate in the number of students influenced or the number of test score draws different comparison result as well.
4. I personally do not welcome even the simple fact that athletes get paid to do sports. To me, I do not find first hand productive labor done by athletes. However, I am well aware of all second hand productivity that get created by sports even just looking at how many jobs it creates: staffs at stadium, sports wear designer and engineer, sports medicine researchers, numerous staff working at broadcasting companies. All these jobs and innovation in technology derives from one soccer field with 22 people kicking a ball around or one basketball court with 10 people playing with a ball. An art major college student with specialty in photography and love for soccer might land a job as a soccer journalist-photographer. He gets to take an amazing shot by the goal post with expensive mega zoom lens and super high ISO capable camera from Canon. The engineers and researchers in lens and camera work hard to make cameras that can take fast moving object from far away due to the high demand in people wanting to see pictures from yesterday’s game as they read it about it on papers or the internet. As this one example describes, the eco system in economy is so much more complex than just comparing two different occupation and claim that A is more important and has more influence than B.
I would make changes that more people are aware of that economic is not just about saving dollars and investment banking but rather is an understanding of what happens with given resource and how it works with each other. Setting a price manually always creates either shortage or surplus in supply. When OPEC regulated their supply in 70s, the price of petroleum showed steep increase. But the US government set the price ceiling of gas in the US that it doesn’t go over certain amount, which was lower price than the market price of petroleum at that time. So eventually it created the shortage of surplus resulting people waiting in line to buy gas since there simply not enough gas in the US to meet the demand of gas at the manually set price. Thus, manually setting teachers’ salary higher will create unbalanced surplus of teachers in the long run. If people really would like to set the price floor of teachers’ salary, they must come up with subsidy plans to compensate the unbalance that result from setting the price.

Emmi A-R

In this article, author Mihir Bhagat clearly states his opinion--professional athletes are paid way too much. One of the statements and key points that he made was "one should be paid according to the job's economic importance and their value to society." Bhagat also points out that people that are so important to the structure and daily functioning of our society, like teachers, policemen, firefighters, and of course, the President, make exponentially less than someone whose job is to play a sport. He does point out that he is not saying that getting into the pro sports is an easy feat at all, he is just stating that they are rewarded too highly for their talents.
I agree that athletes are paid way too much, especially when compared to those whose role in society is theoretically much more influential, which is an issue that needs emphasizing because so many people overlook it or just talk about it, but do not think of anything to do about it. I think an incredible majority of people would agree with Bhagat's stance, so the issue is not really getting people to agree that athletes are paid too much, a huge part of the issue is getting people to do something about it. The sports industry is so huge that it can afford to pay its athletes huge sums of money. I do not know what a good and feasible solution would be to the problem--maybe restructuring the system or working on changing society's mindset to valuing teachers more than they do their sports idols--whatever it may be, if people want to see a change, something needs to be done and action should be taken.

Ben Mathew

In the article, “Supersized Paychecks for Superstars: Bleacher Report Looks at Athletes' Pay,” Mihir Bhagat is arguing that athletes are overpaid. I do not agree with this statement. Athletes are paid appropriately for what they do. Anyone who entertains the public gets paid a lot. This is seen with actors, musicians, and athletes. Each Athlete deserves what they are being paid because of their work and the work that generate from the public.
Being an Athlete is not simply playing a game. Everyday the athlete has to work to maintain their fitness and perform at a high level. They have to do things that people normally would not want to do. They do not have freedom to eat whatever, and they are always on a strict schedule. When playing the game at a high level, people are attracted to the game. Athletes are making their money. They are responsible for ticket sales, TV deals, merchandise sales, and many other incomes. If the athletes did not get the money, then the owners would get it. That would not be right because the athletes are the ones that earned that money. Athletes are paid based on the support that they bring to a team. Athletes earn every penny that they make, so i do not believe that they are overpaid.

Tej Patel

I believe that professional athletes do get paid an excessive amount of money. Of course the people who argue against claim that we the public are the ones paying them for our entertainment purposes so they are not really getting paid too much. But, what they do not understand is that everyone else in today's society get paid according to the importance of their job and their value. If this is the case then why should they overcharge us to view professional sports. That money that we pay the athletes can be of better use to charities for orphans or to better our economy. For example, if doctors and leaders who steer our country in a better direction only make somewhere around $150,000 a year then why should athletes who perform for our entertainment make $111 million a year. They serve only to benefit us psychologically and free us from our everyday lives. The jobs of leaders and doctors are too do much more than that.
Some people such as police officers and firefighters give up their lives everyday to ensure the safety of our people and they still only make enough to support their families. Why should athletes get paid millions just to simply entertain us when others risk their lives to maintain peace and keep us safe. Another point to be made is that athletes claim that they donate a big chunk of their money to charities and good causes. But, the truth is that only a small fraction of athletes do that while the rest stuff their pockets with money and live a life of luxuries while others try to make little money to make it through one day of their life. To restate, professional athletes make way too much money on a daily basis. If the amount of money that they make were to be cut even by half, then millions of people around the world could live a better life.

Gabriel Factora

In Bhagat's article he states that athletes are overpaid.He argues that there are many other jobs that are harder and require more sacrifice to society so they should be paid more but this is not possible. Although I understand where Bhagat is coming from, I disagree with his article. I think that his view towards salary is illogical. This is because if you measure one's salary by his contribution to society then a lot of people would make huge amounts of money which the economy could not sustain. It might seem that athletes shouldn't be paid a large amount since they have jobs that do not benefit society but I think that they deserve every penny that they make. Being a professional athlete takes a lot of discipline, hard work, dedication and talent. Professional athletes sacrifice their lives to be able to do what they do. They follow a certain diet, leave their families and do not have the freedom to do whatever they want to do. People might see their jobs as worthless and easy to fulfill but does is not true. If being a pro athlete is as easy as people think, then there would be more people playing professional sports. It might not seem logical to pay entertainers as much money as they get but they acquire a lot of money for a reason. Athletes and other performers get paid a lot of money because of their supporters. Professional athletes attract people who then buy tickets for the games, merchandise, pay per views, and more.


Throughout history, the world has been entertained by sports everywhere. Weather it was the seventeenth century when the Native Americans created the game of lacrosse, or even when the Dutch began to ice skate in the thirteenth century. During this time none of the athletes were paid. They played for the fun of the game. Nowadays, athletes are signing multi-million dollar contracts to just hit a ball with a bat or put a ball through a bucket. In the article above it is stated that every basket that former Los Angles Laker shooting guard Kobe Bryant made, it was equivalent to an average teachers salary. There are those that believe you should only be paid based on your economic importance in the society in which you live in. Sports are important to the world because communities and or countries look towards them when they are in need of help. These athletes provide happiness to the fans and if the teams good it brings the city publicity, which then brings money! Now the question is are these players worth millions of dollars? From the fan perspective, I would tell you give them however much money they want as long as we win a championship. But as a citizen, the economy is taking a great hit because of these high salary's so I wouldn't agree to pay them that much money. In the end the base of the economy is more important than winning a championship. If the the team loses there's always next year. If the economy falls everyone goes down with it. Therefore, I feel that athletes are being paid way more than they should be and it has to come to an end not continue to exceed.

Marissa G

In this article, Mihir Bhagat stresses the point that professional athletes are making way too much money for the type of job they have. Athletes are purely entertainers, they make more money than the teachers who educate the country’s youth, they make more than the doctors and firefighters who risk their lives to save others, and Bhagat emphasizes how this just doesn’t make sense. Bhagat acknowledges that it’s not easy to make it to the pros, it’s a lot of physical work and discipline, but the paycheck is pretty hefty for the skill set needed to complete the job. If they are going to continue to be paid so substantially they must prove to be positive role models. No cheating and using illegal substances such as steroids because that provides a negative example to the public youth. The last point Bhagat makes is that their contracts guarantee these players millions of dollars. This allows them to have a safety net so if they make a mistake they still receive that income, whereas any other job you would get fired.
I completely agree with Mihir Bhagat’s argument that professional athletes are being paid way too much. I am not saying the physical endurance is easy in any way, I am saying the money could be used to provide better care in the public health fields. For example, firefighters make on average $22.53 an hour, while football players make a minimum of $50,625 per game! This major difference creates more income for the athletic departments allowing them to build huge stadiums and practice facilities. However, the money could be better utilized. It could go toward the paycheck of firefighters just out of respect for what they are putting on the line, as well as create better sleeping quarters to help lower the number of firemen with sleep disorders. I believe that athletes are being paid unnecessarily large amounts of money for the type of job they are responsible for. The jobs involved in providing public aid and helping as first responders should be paid a lot more and the amount of money athletes make should drop substantially.

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