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Marie Andersen

Response to: Desmond has nothing but praise for the advertising students she recently met at the University of Texas. Why was she so impressed with them?

Summarize her reasons. Do you and your classmates think similarly to the students that Desmond describes? Explain your response.
Laura Desmond’s article, “The Future of Advertising Is In the Hands of Ad Blockers,” is about her informal talk with advertising students from the University of Texas. She spends time hearing about the students’ opinions about advertising today. She uses direct quotes from her talk to emphasize her statements. Throughout, Desmond describes her admiration for the young students. According to Desmond, “[she] was blown away at how smart, thoughtful and energized these young professionals are about advertising and media”. In other words, Desmond believes that the involvement of these new minds is the future within the world of advertising. They have fresh minds that are able to give a new perspective on advertising and how it should be done. Desmond keeps using positive loaded words like “smart, thoughtful, energized, professionals, savvy, and sophisticated” to describe the young students. Desmond states that, “[the students] are savvy and sophisticated, watching and studying everything. This extends to how they think about brands, advertising, and the value exchange between their time and attention, as well as a brand’s message or promise.” Hereby, she means that these students are able to apply their skills and renew the way of communicating advertising to young target groups.

In the last part of the article, Desmond explains why these young people are the future of advertising. According to Desmond, the students “…expect more for their time and attention.” Making this point, Desmond urges the advertising industry to think outside the box and be creative, thereby making new ways of attracting attention for their products. Young people are fed up with advertisements not appealing to intelligence, but mostly use bad jokes and sex to sell. Moreover, the students “respect and give serious credibility to ads, content and memes that get through their ad blocking software”. This description by Desmond further emphasizes the fact that new creative and intelligent minds are needed in the advertising industry, as companies have troubles reaching new potential customers.

In my opinion, I can agree to the fact that Desmond states that the industry needs “young talent that believes advertising and marketing can both be better, as well as help society, and wants to lead the way.” I do believe that young people, with their new minds and passions, is essential for advertising. As of right now, advertising is so easily skipped and young people know just how this is done. Thereby, the advertising students already know what they should be aware of when making new advertising campaigns. They have found loopholes and will most likely be able to reach costumers, which had previously been hard to reach. Furthermore, I can relate to the fact that advertising needs to come up with new ways to captivate consumer’s attention. As I am a potential consumer like many others, I also use different ad block software to avoid ads that are annoying and do not fit my lifestyle. Hereby, I find myself agreeing with the students of the University of Texas.

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