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Maqsood Sesay

When reading the essay "How to be a woman programmer" by Ellen Ullman, the author was trying to address the problem of the woman not being in more technical fields. They say "Yet I could see that, at the deeper reaches, it was as if some plague had specialized in the killing of females. I looked around and wondered, “Where are all the other women?” We, women, found ourselves nearly alone, outsiders in a culture that was sometimes boyishly puerile, sometimes rigorously hierarchical, occasionally friendly and welcoming.". In summary, the author is trying to convey that there is a vast amount of women underrepresented in the engineering field and feels that men are suppressing women from coming up. In my opinion, I think that is not the case and that women do not choose to go into that field because of their own free choice. For example, in the medical area, there are more women than men but, I don't feel women are suppressing men from going into that field. In conclusion, I believe men and women are different, and so are their interests

Maqsood Sesay

When reading the essay, " What about gender roles in same-sex relationships?" by Stephen Mays, the author is writing about how society is imposing gender roles in same-sex couples. From reading this, it seems that the author has taken a personal attachment to this topic For example it states "I recently overheard someone comment to her friend about a gay male couple walking ahead of them on the sidewalk. The girl said, “Who do you think is the girl in the relationship?” I couldn’t help but frown at the girl and shake my head. As clear as you would think it is to see, I’ll spell it out for you: neither of them are the girl. They’re both boys." This shows how invested the author is into this topic he later says why "gender roles dont matter". In my opinion I agree with the author, Imposing gender roles into people is wrong. Imposing feminine roles into one of the couples in a same-sex relationship should not be right.

Lauryn Potter

Samuelson is writing about economic anxiety in the US, something that many people have been experiencing for a long time. Why is Samuelson worrying now? Summarize his argument

We have been noticing that most young adults are struggling, they are waiting to get married, have children and buy homes in effort to save money. There are many young adults who still live at home to save money, they are not making enough in this booming economy to buy homes. Young adults are not making as much as their parents are which is growing and will continue onto our children. We need to make changes now to ensure our children have a chance at the best life possible. That they don't need to struggle buying homes in a horrible housing market as we are now. President Trump says he is making changes but we don't know exactly where to start to make these things possible. Are the choices we make now going to help our children when they are adults? Samuelson is worrying now because it won't be an overnight change, we need to act now so our future is bright for our children.

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