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Kris Coleman

Mellow and pollard believe that community colleges are very important to the american lifestyle now is because more and more people are taking school less serious and some people are looking at community colleges as a gateway to something good. The information from both presidents is very important because some people you never know why they're there and for some people it was pretty easy and for some it wasn't so easy, and i believe that the information was key because sometimes you need that background. No i don't believe that the authors relied too much on the word "opportunity" and each time it is used it is being linked back to why the community college system is so important in america right now.

D. Permelia

n responding to the debate by Mishel, (2012) "College and Then What". A professor once told me, that a college education would eventually be free and offered just like a kindergarten thru twelfth grade education. This concept would malign the idea of an education not being accessible to everyone. The United States spends roughly $598.5 billion on defense and approximately $141 billion on educating our elementary and secondary children. This year the amount that the government will spend will be even less. The latest figures from the Presidents fiscal year 2018 Budget Fact Sheet, will provide $73 billion less than previous years. With technology advancing at a major pace, I would think that educating citizens should be this nations chief objective.

President's Budget. (2018, January). Fact Sheet: President Trump's FY 2018 Budget. Retrieved

January 16, 2018, from https://www.whitehouse.gov

Hunter Smith

Community colleges are obviously the cheapest type of post secondary education. While some may argue that you get what you pay for, this does not apply to college. You can either buy under armour, or walmart brand. Huge price difference, but same product. Colleges are the same. Also, all colleges are required to meet certain standards, so all colleges operate on the same level. You probably think you are so cool for having a degree from Harvard, but in all honesty you were taught on the same standards as every other college student in America. While it may be cool to go off to some large university, it really is not justifiable unless you have pretty much a full ride.

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