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austin cline

I am glad to see people who agree with me on the topic that women can do things that men do. Just because you are a female doesn't mean they don't know about sports. I am glad people like Beth announcing games because if you really had a love for women you wouldn't care if they do things like that. I don't care if you are a male or female as long as you can get the job done and get it done right that's all that matters. I hope more people come to their senses and realize that women can do the same things men do.


1. Wallace’s main point is that not only is a woman able to do sportscast, but she can do it not because of her gender, but her competence, just like any other man. It is persuasive to me because she provided several details that show how good Mowins is in the fourth and fifth whole paragraph. Aside from her advantages, the writer also contrasted her with some men she called “idiot”, and showed that women can actually be better than men. In short, although whether a sportscaster is good and reliable or not remains a subjective matter, Wallace provided the readers with her own observation and thoughts to support her point. It is persuasive to me.

2. In the first whole paragraph, Wallace uses a line in brackets to establish her authority. She says, “Given the truly disgusting amount of football we watch collectively, that’s saying something.” It tells readers implicitly that she has watched so much football that she can be seen as some kind of expert, or at least someone to trust on the subject. She is credible for me because I never watch football, and someone who watches a lot definitely has accumulated enough knowledge and experience for me to rely on. But for others, who may have the same great passion for football, or even a professional, she might not seem as trustworthy, because all she provided was her “experience.”

Sean-Paul Turner

I think it would be a breathe of fresh air. to hear someone announcers talk about the game and sport with intelligence and excitement. I personally would watch sports more often if it was being announced by female reporters. I think it would pave the way for more female roles in the media portraying a masculine sport or activity. It empowers women to break out of the gender roles and do something that isn't part of the norm. I believe if women were to announce sports, it would be an incredible experience for both the audience and the female announcer!

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