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4) What I do not understand is why a job that doesn’t require a degree or even a high school diploma, for that matter, a job that only require one to be older than 16 than why should they not be paid minimum wage. Why is their work only worth no more than 7 or 8 dollars an hour? If the minimum wage is 11 dollars pêr hour they should be getting paid those 11 dollars, no more no less. Most of the people working at fast food restaurants are either teenagers or people who did not have the means to go to college or it is the only job they could get to support their family. I think its unfair to determine who gets minimum wage or not because a lot of times that’s the only job someone could get so they should be able to be paid fairly and equally.


a person who is working in a fast food restaurant should get minimum wage, because that is what they deserve. Even though they may not have gone to college because they could not afford it, they should still be paid minimum wage. they should be paid fairly.why would you pay someone under minimum wage if they are working a full time job. they should not be paid over minimum wage because they did not further their education. I believe that if you want to be paid over minimum wage than you should take the effort to further your education to get that opportunity ti get a higher paying job. I don't think that it is right to take advantage of people in the fast food industry and not pay them what they deserve because whether you believe it or not, they work really hard.


4.I dont think that 7 dollars is enough money to make a living. Just because they didnt farther their educations does not mean they should make so little. One of my coworkers works at Wendys with his wife, both there full time, and he has to work two jobs to make payments. Just because the job is expected to be worked by teenagers supported by their parents doesnt mean all of the workers have their living expenses paid for. A argument for pay should never be made based on the age of the employees, that is unconstitutional and discrimination.

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