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4) What I do not understand is why a job that doesn’t require a degree or even a high school diploma, for that matter, a job that only require one to be older than 16 than why should they not be paid minimum wage. Why is their work only worth no more than 7 or 8 dollars an hour? If the minimum wage is 11 dollars pêr hour they should be getting paid those 11 dollars, no more no less. Most of the people working at fast food restaurants are either teenagers or people who did not have the means to go to college or it is the only job they could get to support their family. I think its unfair to determine who gets minimum wage or not because a lot of times that’s the only job someone could get so they should be able to be paid fairly and equally.


a person who is working in a fast food restaurant should get minimum wage, because that is what they deserve. Even though they may not have gone to college because they could not afford it, they should still be paid minimum wage. they should be paid fairly.why would you pay someone under minimum wage if they are working a full time job. they should not be paid over minimum wage because they did not further their education. I believe that if you want to be paid over minimum wage than you should take the effort to further your education to get that opportunity ti get a higher paying job. I don't think that it is right to take advantage of people in the fast food industry and not pay them what they deserve because whether you believe it or not, they work really hard.


4.I dont think that 7 dollars is enough money to make a living. Just because they didnt farther their educations does not mean they should make so little. One of my coworkers works at Wendys with his wife, both there full time, and he has to work two jobs to make payments. Just because the job is expected to be worked by teenagers supported by their parents doesnt mean all of the workers have their living expenses paid for. A argument for pay should never be made based on the age of the employees, that is unconstitutional and discrimination.

Rayan Abuharah

Is the wage measured at a higher or lower limit? What is happening a loophole in which the economy did not plot the cost of living for the individual and his salary, which must be continued according to the course of change and development of prices through an actual study and transparent (inflation) and not be silent until the explosion? Not to mention that looking at the side of the economic equation without the other harms the economy as a whole before it hurts the worker. Exit from the capital box serves capital to the square of justice between the owner of money and the worker.


This is really interesting topic, where author finally touching such a interesting idea of unfair situation in our society. You can work hard and productive whole you live but you will still stay at the line where you barely can cover your basic needs. And in my opinion this is awful. So many people just stuck in minimum wage gap,where they are can't afford normal life conditions and goods. Especially young people who studying in college or school, a lot of kids can't go in the normal university just because their parents can't afford it. This is why so many people staying working at the fast food for a long time, where they're spending whole free time just for gain some money on living or school. And i was working in a restaurant for a 6 month. I want to say honestly, that was worst time in my life.

Cem Erturk

I do not think workers are getting paid fairly in these days. First of all I do not believe that seven or eight dollars is not acceptable thing for fast-foot workers. In my opinion, the wage should be increased for them or all the wages has to be same for the all workers. Does not matter if it is Starbuck, Popeyes or Wendy's. I totally believe to writer that if the people work 40 hours a week, I think they can sustain their life. Sometimes people look to places names and popularities for where to drink and where to eat. I think that absolutely wrong because foods or drinks can be more tastier or more cheaper at the less known places than popular places.


i believe that and i strongly agree because of you work alot you live longer and work on your self

Abdulelah Sawari

I strongly believe that you will never get experienced without working hard and the wage should be increased for workers

Abdulrahman Aldossary

I think that yes, people who contribute to society for a majority of their time during the week should have enough to survive. However, how do we determine survival and what kind of quality of life should a fast-food worker experience compared to a tech exec? This is where it can get complicated but it is an idealistic point of view to say the least. Everybody has to take losses and make gains in this life. The nature of our reality is innately competitive and there seems to be an unwritten universal law that everyone gets what they deserve. It is dictated by the amount of strategic work they can do to achieve results.

Erica Garcia Silva

Although many people say that because they didn't study fast-food workers should be paid the minimum wage, this idea is completely unjust due to the fact that many of these people did not choose to stay uneducated. Whether it due to cost or when they immigrated to America, some people could never even entertain the idea of going to college. While education level should continue to play a part in wages when it comes to people receiving minimum wage we must consider not only education, but location as well. Whether or not they have a degree we have to pay these people enough to be able to support themselves and their family wherever they reside. Minimum wage should be calculated based off of living costs in the area. If a situation exists where a family is in debt and both parents have two jobs, our minimum wage laws are failing us. We need to stop looking at these workers as uneducated employees who made bad decisions, and start looking at them as human being trying to make a living to support families or even to try and save enough to get educated.


I think if Perkins want to publish it as what New York Times does, first, he should write his essay in a formal way. For example, the first paragraph can consist of the stance on this issue and a brief introduction. The second and third paragraphs can provide some positive examples and strong points to support the idea. The fourth one can provide negative examples and try to convince the protesters. The fifth one is the conclusion. Actually, I think Perkins’s essay is a little colloquial because there are lots of questions in his essay. It’s more like a conversation between the readers. Perkins’ essay just delivers an idea not provide a specific and formal information about minimum wage. Giving more specific information about the minimum wage to the reads is another way to improve the essay. For example, how does minimum wage affect the life condition? Last, examples are also important. A good example can help the author convince the reads and the article might become more persuasive.

david williams

Perkins has attracting views on raising minimum wage. similar to a Venus fly trap ,his words work in the same manner as the nectar that attract the insects. Perkins proposed that no matter the job as long as people working minimum wage put in 40 hours, they should get an livable wage. the question is ,what is an livable wage. according to the federal poverty level is $23,050 for a family of four. That's equivalent to $10.60 per hour for a full-time worker. that's consider a livable wage. basically what Perkins wants to do is remove people from below poverty line to the poverty line. the dilemma hear is when the workers start becoming expensive.

Mary Rios

I disagree with the people that say that fast food workers should not receive no more than seven or eight dollar. They should be getting the minimum wage like everyone else. Just because they work in the fast food industry does not mean they should be getting seven or eight dollar. The people that usually work at fast food restaurants are teenagers or students who did not go to college. Teenagers get a job at fast food restaurant to earn extra cash while going to High School and to gain work experience. There are students who cannot afford to go to college, so they go work at fast food restaurant to earn money to be able to go to college. Most of the people cannot get certain types of jobs because they do not have experience or do not have a degree, so that is why they work at a fast food restaurant. Some people depend on their fast food job to feed their family because that is their only income. People that work at fast food restaurant should be paid fairly like anyone else working a full time job. It is not right to take advantage of people just because they work at fast food restaurant, they deserve do get paid the minimum wage. We are all equal and should be paid the same for a full time job. We all deserve to get paid fairly, if the minimum wage is $15, then that’s what we should all get paid, no more or no less. We should all get paid equally in order to be able to pay for our living expenses and necessities that we need in order to live in America.

Mataya Rosander

Everyone should not be paid the same amount. A high school student looking for some extra cash and working a low end job should be paid minimum wage. Minimum wage shouldn't be able to support a living but should be able to help. Also, a hard working father who went to school, graduated form college, has work experience and is willing to work hard, should be getting enough income to live here in America. It's crazy to think that someone who is contributing so much to the economy is struggling to survive in it.

danielle ranae

Any full time job should be given enough money to be able to live. Whether you work fast food, retail, or have a higher end job that pays really well, if it's full time you should be able to pay rent or a house payment, etc. If you only work part time because you are a college student, still in high school, whatever reason, you shouldn't have to make enough an hour. Part time workers don't need the extra income obviously because they either don't have time for it, or they're too busy to work more than twenty-five hours a week. I disagree with people thinking that everyone should start out and work at the same rate of pay. If you work more than everyone else there and are putting in more hours, you should get more money than the others.

Mason Ward

I disagree with everyone saying that fast food workers should be getting paid more then minimum wage. Jobs that pay minimum wage do this because they do not require very much skill or effort. These jobs are for people getting back on to their feet of for high school age kids. Parents of families need to find job that they are able to live off of. For instance the railroad, shipyards, and mines all pay above minimum wage and require no experience just effort. Nobody wants to work, everyone just wants to be given what they need. This is why I believe if someone is unhappy with their salary and they work a McDonald's they can not blame anyone except for them selves.


I agree with the author in the way that the minimum wage should be raised in United States to permit to everyone who works to afford a stable life.
we should rethink a minimum wage because I believe everyone even a server in a fast food should be able to take care of his family because they are working for it.


Perkins support the fact that everyone working full-time in America should be able to live here too by stating, “ If you are an American and you spend most of your week doing something productive for our society, I firmly believe you should be able to afford to live here.” Which mean even if people do not have diploma and participate in the economy of their society they should be rewarded enough. Another example he gave was: “lot of the people who think fast-food workers don’t deserve a raise seem to be the same ones who frequent fast-food restaurants. I only bring that up because if you frequent a type of business, that industry must be pretty important to your daily or weekly routine.” in other words, even if they have little jobs that do not required any experience at least they are here to do it and are important because without them you could not have the service you have so we should pay them enough in exchange. The argument is well made and illustrated with good examples.

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