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GMOs is the nowadays talk

Frank Yue

I agree with how the government’s is pushing GMO into the public because their regulation on the production of GMO are becoming more and more stricter, and as of such, GMO can help make the environment better, people healthier and causes less problems in regard to food poisoning. As of recently, GMO have been a hottest new topic in the United States for quite a bit now, as these chemical engineered food has proven to sometimes be more healthier and durable against pest and weather. However, on the switch side businesses have capitalize on GMO because many of the GMO that the food industry make only last for one season and the seeds that are produced from the plant are infertile, or in other words, these seeds cannot use to regrow new plants. Government-wise, GMO could help reduce the pesticide that farmers have to use each year for their food, help ensure mass production of food for farmers and provide food that are less likely to cause disease or food poisoning. Interesting enough, according to the Genetic Literacy Project, “Thousands of illnesses are linked directly to organic food per year” (Yates), because most of the organic food are unregulated by the government and are more prone to diseases due it’s lack of biological defenses. The people and government often overlook this matter, because the media continuously advertise how organic food has more nutrition and healthier for the human body, when in reality, organic food uses more pesticide to protect against insects. Unlike organic food, GMO are modified to contain higher and a more diverse range of nutrition while being durable and less prone to diseases. Of course, the result of GMO cannot be fully measured because the people are still living in a period where organic food makes up a large part of the market and government just recently began their push for GMO to become a better part of society. Unfortunately, with human comes selfishness, and the agenda of businesses could be unknown, as businesses have been known to have full disregard for the health of the people and the environment. There are many cases where unregulated GMO that are sold by businesses have damaged the environment and caused problems to the human health.

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