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Jordan F.

I agree that online education is just as beneficial as other forms of learning because it just depends of an individual preference and situation. Devoney informs readers about her own experience about online education and the deciding factors that made her chose it. Her very personal story about her husband having cancer, as well as, raising two children was a good strategy to include to persuade readers how beneficial it can be to people in critical instances like hers. Although there are several perceptions of online classes being easier than going into a classroom, but I'd have to disagree because depending on what subject you are taking it all ranges from easy to very difficult, just like any other class would be.



Jimin Lucy Song

Looser is right, in some way. At first, an online lecture can offer an opportunity to someone who can not attend school, especially women who have diverse situation. Also, online students are enthusiastic too. They want to get their degree and good grade. However, for sure, there are some negative aspects too. In Korea, online professors in private academy are copying their lecture so that way not only they can provide their lecture who lives far from them, but also they can earn a lot of money. Moreover, still there are a few students who think an online lecture is easier way to get grade than real lecture.




I agree with Looser in that online classes offer a very opportunity for students who are unable to attend an on ground class. To me, there is no difference in the teaching. It has a lot more to do with the student. If they are willing to do the work and absorb the knowledge, online and on ground classes can both be benificial.

chris james

I totally agree with the given points. Online education is trending day by day and it is very much helpful for all students. They can earn a accredited online degree. They can get comfort and safety right at their home in online high school programs.

Odundo Eric

Well addressed Looser


I am very pleased with the work so thank you very much.

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